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Tiki Tom’s RV Park – Galveston, TX

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I would not spend my time here. This RV park is right across from a freeway and right next door to a bait shop with a public boat ramp. There were all kinds of undesirables hanging around the area. I would not let my kids out of the motorhome. Additionally, the mesquitos were horrible. Why anyone would put and RV park here is beyond me. You can find a lot better places in Galveston. Keep driving!

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  1. This is a rebuttal to the previously posted derogatory review from Pat Buffet dated Sept. 28, 2009. This customer arrived after hours and we were very accomodating to them and met them and set them up for the night. After, using our showers and our clubhouse facilities (opened up after hours for their convenience), they suddenly demanded their money back and were going to go on down the road. Our policy is to not refund money after a RV has been assigned a space and hook ups are connected. Yes, they were assigned a site close to the road, but other options were available. As far as undesirables, we run a tight and secure operation managed by a 3 tour Vietnam Marine veteran and nothing gets by his watch. In closing, we are proud of our park and we are back stronger than ever after Hurricane Ike and we invite all travelers to visit our beautiful facility and see for themselves what a nice, clean, and well-managed park we run. Thank you, Tiki Tom.

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