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Beech Bend Campground – Bowling Green, KY

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Where do I start? How about the numerous 4-wheelers without mufflers running around with no posted speed limit at midnight? How about the numerous 4-wheelers without mufflers running around with no posted speed limit at 7:00 AM? Not enough for you?

How about the filthiest bath houses I’ve ever seen? How about the most numerous clientele? Never seen so many tatoos and beer bellies. The men were worse.

Speaking of rednecks and trash, I may be jaded in my review because of the theft of my fishing tackle while I checked the grill, Other than this, it was a GREAT trip.


  1. That’s why I love Beech Bend… I love the enviroment… I love watching to quads, etc.. I am a quiet camper, but I like that stuff occasionally. That’s why they make Yogi Bear Campgrounds and Tylanol PM. Beech Bend is fun. We go every year to the Hot Rod Reunion.

  2. We were there May 15th 2009, Yep 4-wheelers running around all night, people playing music very loud, they did turn it down at 10:00pm. These were not what most would call rednecks but older couples playing good music but way too loud? Other than that it was fun, loved the racing and the park, workers were friendly. A lot to see and do, we will go back sometimes.

  3. All sites are side by side so you better know the people you will be sharing the less than 10 feet between sites. Limited 50amp is $10 more than 30 amp! Every site in the main area is a pull thru, no matter which direction you come in.

    This is basically an rv parking lot for people who come to the park.

  4. I think the person who left that comment is a snob! Go to a hotel next time. Beech Bend is great!!!!

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