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Briery Creek Lake Getaway – Farmville, VA

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Briery Creek Lake Getaway – Farmville, VA

Briery Creek Lake Getaway was awful. There were four wheelers running around all night long, and gunshots in adjacent woods heard daily. The manager was rude and harassed guests about entering and exiting the road into the park. There is no lighting, and it is pitch black at night.


  1. My experience at Briery Creek Lake Getaway was a very positive experience both with the the facilities and also with my interactions with the Stan, the owner. He is a very kind and makes every effort to make sure each guest enjoys his or her stay. No sure where this OP stayed or who he met, but this is definitely not indicative of the experience I had or I daresay any other visitor had at Briery Creek Lake Getaway.

  2. Thanks for the beautiful stay we enjoyed it. Everything was clean and peaceful. We will be back.

  3. Well Joe i’m appalled about your review of Briery Creek Lake Getaway. I found some other reviews fro a Daisy Z. and a Michelle B. don’t know if you were with these people or not. First off Stan the owner is not a drunk he is on medication for seizers and could not drink even if he wanted to. as for the four wheelers and the gunshots those neighbors were reported to the local police several times and the police did nothing about it not Stans fault. i live in Maryland and have been going to Stans place for many years and renting a cabin from him long before the RV park was put in. Stan has never been rude to anyone i know that has been there and i know a lot of fisherman that stay there. as for theway you enter and exit they are clearly marked and this is to make it easier for everyone to get in and out. if Stan asked you to go a different way then that is what you should have done. Don’t badmouth someone until you know all the facts. I’ve known Stan for ten years and i feel you owe him a apoligy because he is one of the nicest people i know…..and you are not

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