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Trails End RV Park – Camp Verde, AZ

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The other day we decided to check out the RV parks in Camp Verde since we’ve heard a lot of changes have occurred in several of the parks.

Trails End RV Park seems to have undergone the most change since we stayed here a couple of years ago. The campground is a small, basic RV park. It is situated on the main drag (Finney Flats Rd.) into Camp Verde, right across the street from the Dollar General store and next door to the Arizona Highway Maintenance yard. It is a gravel park of about 45 spaces with none of the extras that the other parks in the area offer – pool, hot tub, exercise facility, etc.

There are a couple of spaces available right now, but we’re told that all RV’s currently here are long term residents. When we were here last time, the park was managed by a couple of older gentlemen and they kept it clean and quiet. Now it is managed by an older woman that has a very different idea of how to run this park. Any RV, no matter if it is self-contained or not, what condition it’s in or its age, is allowed in. If you aren’t accepted in any of the other parks for any reason, this place will take you. We noticed that you’re also allowed to wash or work on your RV or vehicles.

We asked the monthly rate and as of this posting it is $305.00 month + $75.00 security deposit, plus electric at .177 kw. Cable TV is extra @ $25.00 per month. There is a dump station in the front of the park by the office at $10.00 and propane is available. Our son-in-law made an observation regarding rules, or should I say the lack of enforcement of the rules. One dog was left unattended off its leash outside one RV in full view of a park employee, several RV’s with lots of clutter tucked under or around them and some with wood decks and steps. Evidently they allow canopy garages on your space as well.

The park speed limit is 5 mph, but doesn’t seem to be observed or enforced as evidenced by a cloud of dust following two vehicles going much faster than 5 mph. After a drive around this park, we realized this park has become the place where rv’s end up if they don’t meet the age and condition standards of most of the others parks in the area. So we decided to go into a park closer towards Cottonwood.

If we had to use one word to describe this park now, it would have to be dysfunctional. It’s sad to see this once quaint RV Park deteriorate into what it has become now. We have removed it from our “Return To” list.


  1. You have got to be kidding. In my opinion, these managers, if that’s what you can call them are rude, nasty people. The park’s sites are small and you feel like you are sitting in your neighbor’s rig. No trees, no pool, no clubhouse, two nice bathrooms though and that’s about all that’s nice about this park.

  2. I just spent several weeks at this RV Park and I have to say hands down it has the best “energy” I’ve ever experienced at an RV Park. No, I do not work there nor am I related to anyone there. For the lack of trees and “fluff” they certainly make up for it in kindess, hospitality, friendliness and it’s very clean! I had a very enjoyable, quiet, stay there and if I ever return to Arizona I Will be back! Thank you to Jan and Eldon and the other very nice and helpful employees that work there! You guys Rock!
    Corinne. xo

  3. It is interesting to me that someone can comment about a place they have no idea about. Our park is pet friendly and ocassionally a dog will be off leash but it is not the norm. The manager believes a two hundred thousand ad camper is not the only ones allowed in this park. Some of the best campers come in older units. We pride ourselves in the fact that all are welcome. Yes many of our units are older but our people are here and have lived here for years and proudly call it home. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Investigate before you write. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion. Coffee is on all the time, coffee and donuts on Sat. Come on and join our happy family.

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