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Michigan City Campground – Michigan City, IN


In my opinion Michigan City Campground is the worst campground we’re stayed at while on our 4,000 mile journey with the grand-kids.

We made reservations for the shade by the pool area but when we showed up it wasn’t available and we were stuck in a “construction zone”. The grass wasn’t fully in yet so we had weeds, gravel roads and bull-dozers running all day about 50 feet from our site. The lawn was also full of dog poop. The dumpsters were mounded overflowing with garbage bags three deep on the sides. Very dirty!

This wasn’t an inexpensive campground, actually it was the most expensive we have stayed at while on our trip. This new area is also right by a major highway and the noise was really bad. The rest of the park isn’t that impressive either. Their “fishing pound” for the kids is nothing more than a habitat for bugs that invade you at night.

Maybe this place will be nice in another decade, but unless they change the operation I don’t think it will last that long. I give this place a very bad rating, and I travel and stay in my RV about 200 nights a year.

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