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Silver Lake Resort and Campground – Mears, MI


Although Silver Lake Resort and Campground is clean and newly renovated. There are several things that are not so camper friendly.

They have a pool that states it is heated however it is very cold. The playground and any activities are near The front entrance and there are no activities for children or a place for older children to do things either.

They have security which is a plus every Thursday through Saturday from 8pm till 3am. However, they circulate the campground and if you are loud around that campfire you are asked to be more quiet. I get the impression they feel you should be in bed with lights out at 11:00 pm. 

They charge what I consider to be astronomical fees for guests. Your camping money gets you to camp with 2 adults and 3 children (under 18). If you bring children older than 18 with you, an additional $10 per person is charged. If you are a seasonal site holder you have to pay extra for your children or friends also. I think this is riduculous.

On the plus side, the facility is beautiful and the local attractions wonderful.

Treatment and cost to stay there… Not so good. I will not go here again.

  1. Jacob Wadel says

    Silver Hills Campground (no longer “Resort and Campground”) was purchased by new owners in 2017 and there have been MAJOR improvements and renovations. the comments posted here are outdated and no longer applicable. Please check out the web site

  2. Guy and Dawn says

    We just returned from a camping trip over July 4th. The staff and amenities at Silver Lake Resort and Campground were over and above any expecations. We had a wonderful experience from the first call for a reservation until the moment we checked out. Friendly, comfortable, clean, spacious, perfect. Thank you to the staff! See you next year!

  3. Don Tucker says

    Hi Lisa,
    This is the owner of the campground and the way you were describing your stay is so unlike our staff and our philosophy. I’d like to have the opportunity to make good on our promise of being family oriented and at no time should our staff ever treat a guest that way.

    Please email us so that we can contact you or discuss this in more detail.


  4. Lisa says

    This campground was indeed beautiful and great if you are going with just your individual family. It’s not a very good choice for a group camping trip or families with children under about 12.

    It’s bathroom and shower area is wonderful. It’s the nicest I’ve seen yet. The camping cabins they have could use some minor updates, but weren’t much different from the many other we’ve stayed in and they let you know ahead of time there is no electricity in most of them.

    Our group was never yelled at personally, but we did witness rude treatment to many other campers. We have been camping at many different campgrounds in Michigan and this one was by far the worst with treatment of guests. They had so many rules, it was hard to find campers who weren’t in violation of at least one. The way the staff handled it was worst of all. One woman parked in the wrong space (none of which were very clearly marked) and was yelled at by a member of the staff from many yards away. The way it was handled would have embarrassed anyone. Another small group was hardly making what we would consider loud noises, a little laughter now and then, but nothing we wouldn’t expect and they were told off for it at 8:30pm. Quiet hours didn’t start for another 2.5 hours. We understand a desire for a peaceful campground and can appriciate that because we camp so often, but I have to say, this campground took it too far.

    This is a beautiful campsite for some, but not a great choice for families with kids or groups. There are so many rules, it took a lot of the enjoyment away for our family and our youngest children didn’t have much fun.

  5. Don Tucker says

    It’s disappointing to see this post with no facts whatsoever to support it. I would encourage future customers to make their own decision rather than listening to an ex seasonal site holder that had problems with being quiet and disrespecting other campers.

  6. Carmen Lymente says


    Playground near the front entrance… If that’s important, why didn’t you ask for a site near the playground?

    No activities for children… Didn’t you check that out before you made reservations?

    Loud around the campfire… Thank God for security. Why not think about your fellow campers for a change?

    Astronomical fees… The prices you quoted aren’t out of line with other campgrounds around the country.

    Sounds like a great campground to me. Thanks for your comments!

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