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Long Lake Park Campground – Lakeville, OH


Long Lake Park Campground is the best park we’ve stayed at so far. They have a 70acre natural spring fed lake and fishing for Bass, Bluegill, Crappie and Pike… and no license is required.

They have a swimming beach, a beautiful new pool, a game room with kiddie corner, and shower facilities. This place is big rig friendly too with 50 amp service.

We’ve been here for six days and I’ve never seen a more dedicated owner. Every day during our stay he’s worked to make improvements.

This is a must stay! RAMBLIN THREE

  1. Buddy says

    Owners are very rude and condesending. If you have dogs, don’t bother to go there, Pets can’t leave your lot. Not for walks, boat rides or cart rides. Can’t even drive your dogs to another site. Seasonals are kicked out at the drop of a hat. This year they kicked out over 25 rent paying customers. They act like it is a privelege to camp there. Without paying customers, they would not have a business. I highly recommend you camp anywhere but here.

  2. CAMP FOR FUN says

    We found this campground clean but not very family friendly. The rules were not displayed or provided and enforced sporadically – i.e. if they knew you, etc. I feel that the owners and caretakers were rude in their treatment of guests and we have serious reservations about camping somewhere that would allow a child under the age of 10, without a parent present, to purchase a locking pocket knife. I can only hope that nothing serious happens. I definetely would not camp there again!

    1. Angela says

      We had the same experience with the rude owners. A very unwelcoming place. Kids run wild with out supervision. Pool was to be heated, it was not. You just know you have arrived to a rude Campground by the entrance signs posted, always telling you to turn around for some reason or another. Horrible place, better campgrounds down the road.

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