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Timberwoods Campground and Resort – Van Wert, OH


This campground has nothing to do for kids, even though they advertise activities. The owners wife is not very friendly. They made our visitors leave @ 11PM on holiday weekends, and if not, they come around to collect $5 per person if they are there at 11:05pm.

Then they charge for fishing, and swimming even if you have paid to stay over night.

The owners wife is in charge of cooking food at the store. She requires customers to sign in before going back to the campsite even if they are just quickly dropping something off to you? It takes more time to sign in sometimes than just drop the item off and leave.

Bathrooms are older. I don’t think there is much to do here unless you like to swim and or try to swim in an old pond… or play in an old playground. They have putt putt golf but they charge $4 per person, and it’s not a very nice kept course. Then, if the kids take too long to play the owners wife will come out and take the clubs away from the kids and tell them they have taken too long to play and they are done.

Check out is at noon, and you better not be on the site a minute after noon or they try to charge you for another night. Our overall experience was poor. I don’t think it was worth the money.

  1. Natalie says

    $4 for mini-golf? WOW!! I have paid $9 a person to play in Fort Wayne. Just discussed this the other day with friends…wishing we had a place to go play mini-golf that was cheaper!!

    1. WHAT?? says

      WHAT? Putt-Putt is $2. Yes you sign in, it is called safety. Ever place I have ever stayed had a check in, check out, and quiet time. Every place I have stayed at has rules. They have a pool, a very nice pool and a pond. If you stay the night, the swimming, fishing and activities are included. They have activities for young and adults, bands and DJ several weekends. They have 5-6 scheduled activities per weekend during the camping season. I am not sure where you stayed but you have discribed Timberwoods.

  2. VTRobGMB says

    1. They made your visitors leave at 11pm… Oh you poor thing! It’s a business Heidi and $5 is a reasonable charge.

    2. Charging extra for fishing is not unusual and $4 for mini-golf is a bargain.

    3. I’m just guessing here… but your kids were probably horsing around.

    4. Checkout is at noon. What part of that don’t you understand?

    5. Heidi… one last question. Can you tell us all where your family will be camping next… so we can go somewhere else?

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