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Big Pine Campground – Custer, SD

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We had cold and rainy weather on our long awaited trip to the Black Hills. The highs were in the middle 40’s during the day, so it would have been nice to have heated shower houses. Also their website forgets to mention that there is no cable TVĀ for when you are stuck in a camper because of cold rainy weather in the middle of June!

The owner told us the city of Custer has no cable so I would recommend a campsite near Rapid City where you will have all the conveinences.

We decided to leave 2 day’s early because we ran out of things to do in the cold rain. We asked to be refunded for our 2 days and were denied. We found nothing special about this campground and recommend that you stay somewhere else!


  1. Most Campgrounds have a Policy of No Refund for Early Departure. Think of the financial problems of refunding because the weather stinks…especially in South Dakota.

  2. So much for global warming.

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