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Mt. Rushmore/Hill City KOA – Mt. Rushmore, SD


The facilities at this KOA were huge, and centrally located near everything, but security was a joke, with loud partying going on well past the time limit.

An aggressive German Shepherd was allowed free run of the area, and nothing was said to the owner. It was reported, which resulted in the owner (unprovable) pulling the tongue pin from the trailer hitch of the person he suspected reported the loose dog.
The bathrooms, at least the one we had to use, was poorly maintained. Low water pressure, uncontrollable water temperature, one stall floor was broken through, and one shower handle came off in my hand. Four of the available shower stalls were not usable.

The men’s toilets were inoperable half of the time, and the floor was constantly wet from a leaking urinal.

The cleaning was sporadic, and not very well done, which was unusual, because there were always KOA personnel riding around on or in vehicles, not doing much of anything.

As much as it cost to get there, and as much as they charge to stay with them, it should be better than second rate accommodations.

Other than that, we had a grand time. We will visit the area again, but will not use that park.

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