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Neshonoc Lakeside Camp Resort – West Salem, WI

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My family has been coming to Neshonoc Lakeside Camp ResortĀ for years because of the nice facilities.

They have two well maintained pools and clean rest rooms and showers. Golf carts are available to rent by the day. However, on our last stay there was an unfortunate incident. The new manager arrived at our cabin in a golf cart at sunset, and informed us that our son and his friend were misbehaving on their skateboards. We apologized and let her know that we would lock up the skateboards and they wouldn’t be used for the remainder of the stay. She was quite confrontational and insistent on confiscating the boards or have us evicted.

It was very surreal, especially when she involved a county deputy to enforce the eviction. At that point we handed her the boards. Needless to say, it put quite a damper on our family reunion. It was the most unprofessional thing we had ever witnessed.

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