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Stateline Campresort and Cabins – East Killingly, CT


We also loved this campground! Stateline Campresort and Cabins is located on Route 101 near the Connecticut/Rhode Island state line in East Killingly, Connecticut.

The cabins are adorable. They are rustic but have all the things you need… a bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. The activities were amazing here! The staff was too! We loved it here and do tell everyone to book at Stateline. The pool was so clean and blue. The grounds well kept and neat. The bathrooms were always clean. We LOVE this park and recommend it to all RVBuddy campers.

  1. Upset Parent says

    Ruid staff and regualars. Disrespectful towards my kids which then makes me upset. Not recommended if you have you have children with history of trauma, staff act like they are your child’s parent without speaking to their parent.

  2. jackie king says

    My husband and I have been camping here for about 8 or 9 years and would and have definitely suggested Stateline. The reason for not bringing in outside wood is understandable. This year especially with the Asian Beetle problem, not wanting their trees to become infected.
    We have brought our granddaughters up with us many times and have joined in on the activities and have never found them to be expensive.
    All rules are given to each camper upon registration and it clearly states what time campfires have to be put out and what time is quiet time. I have never found any of these a problem. I feel safe knowing that fires are being checked for our safety.
    As for how many adults and children are allowed on a site is stated in the rules and I’m pretty sure it’s on the Internet site. It’s only right and fair to the rest of us that these rules are followed. Why should 2 families be allowed to rent a site and put more on the 1 site than what is allowed, for free.
    As for registration that alone should tell you how well liked Stateline is and how popular it is on Memorial Day Weekend. The only time I’ve witnessed staff being what you call rude, is when they are dealing with someone who is usually being rude to them. As far as the guy with the pony tail he is a very polite and patient staff member, always willing to help out whenever he can. But he won’t be bullied.
    What’s wrong with long rv’s. Many people don’t like or can’t sleep in tents or pop-ups. My husband is asthmatic and when the smoke from the campfires becomes overwhelming he has to go inside our rv and turn on the air conditioner and close everything up just so he can breathe. You can’t do that in most pop ups and definitely not in a tent. He would need a dehumidifier in a tent just to breathe but still would have to deal with the campfire smoke. He also has a heart condition and cannot be putting up a tent or pop-up.
    It sounds like most of the campsites you have been to are to small to accomodate rv’s and don’t care about the campers safety. We love Stateline and all it’s very cheerful and accomadating staff.
    Comment by Jackie Aug.12,2010 in response to Mike May 26,2009

  3. Michael Molinari says

    This is a very nice campground… neat, clean and a friendly staff. Our site (#107) was very large. We had full hookups. There is no cable, but that does not phase us since we generally do not watch much tv. WiFi was good at our site. The pool was very nice, we did not use it though because of the rainy, cloudy weather. Nice small lake borders the campground, and there is a small frog pond. Seasonal campers were friendly. We had torrential down pours during the night and the very next day the maintenance crew was out grading the road. The owners really show pride in their campground. We would camp here again.

  4. Mark says

    This comment is obviously written by a very angry person who is not really interested in giving a constructive review of the campground but rather is determined to destroy the otherwise good reputation that this campground has worked hard to achieve over the past decade or more. I have camped at this campground several times and dissagree most of what is said here. Frankly I feel very strongly that personal attacks such as this should be edited or verified prior to publication. I will post my own review separately and it will be a positive one. As to the comments regarding firewood obviousely this avid camper who claims to have been to ‘dozens of campgrounds’ has never heard of the ‘Emerald Ash Borer beetle’ and the “Asian Long Horned Beetle’ that is destroying thousands of trees in New England and is being transported in firewood between campgrounds. Most reputable campgrounds are aware of this and their trade asscociation prohibits them from allowing personal firewood being brought into their campgrounds. As to the comment that there were ‘Monster RVs everywhere’ I see this as a compliment to the campground since it has always been my experience that campers with large RVs are very particular about where they bring their rigs since they do require many services that most small campgrounds do not have. This camper apparently was in a pop-up and had friends with a tent. Enough said. This review is not worthy of publication in my opinion.

  5. LILIAN says

    I went to this campground with my friends and it was very nice… the staff was very friendly and everything was nice.

  6. Mike says

    I wanted to spare people from what I consider to be the worst campground ever. It is on the Rhode Island/Connecticut line in East Killingly, CT called Stateline Camp Resort.

    It was by far the worst campground I have ever been to. First off, the person on the phone is obviously a good salesman and tells everyone the same thing. Your site is beautiful… It’s a huge site that is wooded… That’s BS.

    In my opinion, most of the sites were horrible. Maybe a handful were half decent. They were all cramped together and there were monster RV’s everywhere.

    The campground charge you on everything. Not only that, but they they charged us twice for a site. We had two families which included a pop up camper and a large tent. They supposedly were going to accomidate us by putting us on a “huge” site but would have to charge us twice because the site was big and we had two families. The site was no larger than any others. So in the end this one regular site ended up costing us over $250 for the Memorial Day weekend. Everything at this campground cost money. Oh, by the way. Don’t bring your own wood because they want to sell you their wood at high prices.

    The check in process was horrible. We sat for 25 minutes after driving 2 hours to the campground.

    Some, but not all of the staff was very Rude. In particular was an older gentleman with grey hair in a pony tail. He was actually confrontational with us and other campers. Had I not been with my family and children he would have been on the receiving end of my foot.

    Camp fires: This place actually puts out your fire at 12midnight with water. I understand that you want to keep the noise level down at night. But when people are hanging around a fire making no noise and you put their fires out is complete BS.

    Activities: Yes, this place had a bunch of activities planned. But once again, everything cost a ton of money. Any activity that didn’t cost money was put together poorly and cheaply.

    Facilities: Not up to par. The bathrooms were in very poor shape. The showers actually had black mold on the shower curtains and on some of the wood.

    I can also say that most of the other campers were very rude and unfriendly. I can completely understand this however because they were probably just as disappointed as the rest of us. Probably totally frustrated at the fact that we gave this place our money.

    Just a note: we do a lot of camping and have been to dozens and dozens of campgrounds. We know what to expect and what not to expect so please take this disrecommendation with that in mind.

    I hope this helps someone out there from making the worst mistake of their camping season.

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