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Wilderness Lake Campground and Resort – Willington CT

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I would never stay at this campground again! On their website, which looked like a nice campground, they post the campground rules and regulations of which they state “Quiet hours will be maintained between the hours of 10pm and 8 am”.

This campground has a recreational hall in which they were hosting a function which included a loud DJ and lots of people screaming. As any camper knows, sound travels greatly through a campground. We were sitting around our campfire at about 9:30pm, trying to relax a little in between the blaring music and people screaming, when I finally called the office to find out when the function was going to end (figuring it would end at 10:00pm as stated in their own rules).

The man at the office, which I believe was the owner of the campground, stated the function was going on until midnight!! We tried to sit by the campfire and ignore the noise a little longer but it just got worse. We called the desk and the man starting screaming at us that we were complaining and told us to leave the campground (hilarious……we got kicked off a campground because the owner was mad because he wasn’t following his own rules!)

By the time we packed up and left, at 10:20 pm, the music and partying continued just as loud as it was earlier. Please be aware of this campground. Apparently any rules they state they follow on their own campground are not the rules they actually follow. The quiet hours do not begin at 10pm as stated. Loud partying is allowed until midnight!

This is not a place for relaxation. It’s like camping next to a dance club.


  1. I’ve stayed here several times and never heard any loud music. The owner Ray always made us feel welcomed and always helped us in any way that he could. It was clean, and the trash was always being emptied. Maybe it was a family function that was going on that day. Normally it’s pretty quiet. He’s really a nice guy.

  2. I’ve stayed there with my family, kids and grandkids, and I can tell you it was great. Ray, the owner is a great person and tries hard to accommodate his guests. We have been there for several years and never had an issue with loud noise. I suspect that person who didn’t even leave their name, in the top post, was simply a competitor. Wilderness has many no charge functions for the kids as well. The event coordinators for kids do a great job. It’s been a great place to camp and we’ll all go back many more times. Already we can’t wait for next summer……try it – you’ll like it.

  3. I like this campground because of its good and affordable rates.. I spent 10 days there this summer, but I also never heard any loud music…

  4. This will help my understanding. Thanks for posting such a great resource. I will definitely recommend your site to my friends,

  5. I’m not sure what this person was talking about with loud music and parties until midnight. This campgrounds is very quiet and relaxing. The owner, Ray, goes out of his way to make sure that everyone is satisfied with their stay. This is a very family friendly campgrounds, a great place to come for a weekend of relaxation and fun.

  6. I am also a camper at Wilderness Lake. The staff and atmosphere are fantastic. The owner has fair rates and goes out of his way to make your stay an enjoyable one. We also had a lengthy stay at Wilderness lake and found every minute of it to be enjoyable. The campground is NOT out to scrape every last dime from your pocket with rental equipment fees. All the boats, safety equipment and mini golf clubs are free of charge. They understand what it takes to create a truly memorable family experience. I will go back year after year. My campground of choice by far!!

  7. I love this campground.. The owner went out of his way to unclog and pump out our camper. Then he did the same for my friend across the field who was also clogged. Ray went out of his way big time to help us out. Ray doesn’t charge to use any of his boats nor does he charge for the mini golf. With 2 kids thats great. I spent 2 weeks there last summer and never herd loud music comming from the hall like the other person wrote about.. In fact we hold great hold-em poker games there on Friday and Saturday nights… It’s a great place to camp!!!!

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