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Holly Lake Campground – Millsboro, DE


Oh My Gosh! I would not recommend Holly Lake Campground to anyone! Very large campground, the website says a 4000 square foot pool, NOT! There’s no parking at the pool. They put us in the sticks in the back part where the seasonal sites are and I felt like I was in a condemned trailer park! There was nothing in the back part for kids to do. They had an "archery range" which consisted of two bales of hay and a guy with his pick up truck for the supplies.

I will never ever go back to that place again!

  1. R Simanski says

    This is the worst campground I have ever stayed at. Rude, Dirty, no hot water in the bathhouse. Not worth it. Been camping for years but this is the bottom.

  2. Erik Sasse says

    This place has no amenities for kids, the roads are horrible, and the general store is dirty and ill stocked. The staff is not friendly. All in all we had a lousy vacation there!

  3. Anonymous says

    We just left this campground 8/12/07. Unbelievable…the park looked like a camper graveyard. The bathhouses had shower heads missing, floors that had fallen through, no hand soap or paper towels to wash your hands, shower curtains covered in mildew and with holes and some were locked completely. Quiet time was not monitored at all. People partied as late as they wanted. Our original site we could not even get our camper onto to and had trash. Our camper is 22\’ and we had trouble navigating this campground. Lord help those that have anything larger. To get to the back part you have to travel another road entirely. Which puts you no less then 2 miles from the general store. Oh yes the general store. No repairs in years. The floor is a quilt of mitch match flooring and flies everywhere. Food is also served here. The shevles for supplies was ill stocked and was equally as horrible. The putt putt was in tall grass that had holes dug into the ground with plastic or paper cups inserted to serve as the holes. The high light event this weekend was a purse sale from 12-4 on Saturday. I will not go back to this campground nor will I recommend it.

    1. Anonymous says

      We camped at Holly Lake Campground September 8, 2007. We would not recommend it to anyone. It is in desperate need of some major TLC. Website and pictures are misleading. The staff not helpful or friendly, roads bumpy, bathhouse dirty, picnic tables unusable, flies attack as soon as you walk out the door. Perhaps if this campground only charged $20 a night, we wouldn\’t complain as much. But at $52 a night, we would expect an exceptional camping experience. All in all, a miserable weekend!

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