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Keenes Lake Family Campground – Calais, ME


We found Keenes Lake Family Campground very dilapitated. The bathrooms were very dirty and the shower stalls were full of mold. We were there for long weekend last July and I felt we wasted our money camping there.

There was nothing for adults to do. No dances, social evening for campers to get to meet other campers, nothing. The buildings are terribly run down. The other campers we talked to said the owners were doing absolutely nothing for campground. We could not even get anything from the Canteen as it was not open. When we did meet the owner, all he seemed to do was complain about the other campers in campground. I found that pretty disgusting.

I do not think we would return to camp there.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Keenes Lake Campingground had in the past been one of the best places to spend your summer vacation. But it has just gone to the dogs.

    In my opinion the owners have no idea what they are doing. Booking out trailers that should never, in ones live should be forced to live in. The canteen should be permanently be closed because they have half of it cut off and the floors are rotting out from underneith it.

    Unlike the seasonal campers, the overnight campers are treated rather poorly..Several weeks in advance I had booked one of their trailers. When I arrived to the campsite that i had booked i noticed that it wasn\’t quite like the picture on the internet. The roof on it was caving in and they had a tarp on it to keep out the rain. Althought the owners weren\’t pleased that my family and i refused to sleep in a place like that they unwillingly gave us another trailer that was starting to fall appart but was in well enough condition that we could live in it.

    If i had half the right mind i would call the health and safety board and let them know of the unsanitary bathrooms that they have. Mold was growing in the showers and around the toilets and the lawn was not mown.

    The trailer they gave us was rented out for the next night so they kicked us out of it and they tried to get us to stay in the swamp of a trailer. The toilet wasn\’t working and the shower had been cut off. They told us that they would fix it before we went up to it but then about half an hour later they came to us telling us they didn\’t have time to fix it. They had a Wal-Mart picnic they had to attend and they were more concerned about that than their campers.

    The sad thing is is that this particular camping ground would be one of the greatest around if they took better care of it and their cliants. They need to learn buisness skills and they need to leave the premisis. They are doing nothing for it and even some of the seasonal campers say that they are the worst things that ever happened it that place.

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