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Mic Mac Cove Campground – Union, ME


I never write reviews based on a single visit (I understand that sometimes, things just don’t work out). This is the exception that I will make if I can help prevent someone from going through what I just did with this campground.

The check-in started out just fine and the receptionist was friendly and welcoming. However, this is the only positive thing I can say about this place. I used one of their tent sites (the sites are positioned around a ball field) and the site was not only on top of our neighbors sites, but offered zero privacy. I wanted to take my daughter on her first camping trip (she’s two), and this seemed like a very family-friendly kind of place from their website. However, it is not. There was zero noise control and no monitoring of how many people were at a site. There were multiple sites with many (and I’m talking 20+) people drinking and partying late into the night. There is nothing quite worse than trying to put a 2 year old to bed with very loud music blasting from multiple campsites into the very late hours of the night (2am and they were still going strong. I finally ended up packing up my tent at 3:30am because I couldn’t take the noise anymore and then drove the 3.5hrs home on zero sleep.

It was horrible. Do not go here.

  1. David Peterson says

    My family owned mic Mac cove in 1950s when it was camp Adahi. A great summer camp for boys. I would like to hear from some old campers

  2. Kevin says

    I have been coming to this campground for over 6 years during the Lobster Festival Weekend and will continue to for many more years. Anyone that would drive a two year 3.5hrs to go camping their first time for one night during the busiest weekend of the year is crazy! Obviously you have not been camping much either because the sites are spacious especially compared to other campgrounds. The key word here is also “campground”… there is no privacy at a campground on the busiest weekend of the year! Might I suggest two things for your next camping experience with your 2yr old… go during an off weekend when it is not so busy and try a local campground first. Putting a two year old to bed in any strange place is a challenge! Your comment regarding there being “+20 people on multiple sites” is also far from the truth and a bit dramatic to say the least and actually your whole review seems a bit dramatic just like driving home in the middle of the night with a two year old 3.5 hrs.

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