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Ellis Haven – Plymouth, MA

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In my opinion, stay here at your own risk! I had problems with the office. This is a family run business and customer satisfaction does not appear to be a priority. I feel that reservations are not something you can count on and it is not unusual to show up to find out that you don’t have a place after all.

We made reservations 4 months in advance for multiple sites and all the cabins just to be told they rented the cabins to someone else after renting them to us first. What use is it to give a phone number and to make reservations not to have them upheld and not to be notified? We found out that they quoted a higher price to the people to whom they rented the same cabins to that arrived after our arrival date.

This is not a placeĀ I would want to use the facilities at they are run down and nasty. Rental agreements, rules and regulations are not something they gave out to me.

On the plus side of this campground the beach is beautiful, which is the first thing you see along with a resturant at the front gate. Non family staff (1 man) is very friendly and helpful with any needs and information.

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