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Eastern Slope Camping Area – Conway, NH


Friends of ours were staying at Eastern Slope Camping Area in Conway, NH. They invited my wife and I over for dinner one evening. There was a sign that said all guests must register at the office. It was 8 PM so we stopped in at the office and the owner said there would be a $5 per person fee if we wanted to see our friends and that the gate was locked at 11PM so we had to be out before then. I told the owner I thought this was ridiculous policy, but agreed to pay. I also said I would tell other friends to avoid the campground in the future.At this point the owner started to holler how dare I threaten her and refused me entry to the campground. I then asked her to notify our friends that we would not be there for dinner and she said she would. She told me that I should wait in my truck. So I went to my truck and waited. She took her golf cart and left.

A few minutes later my friend drove up and we were talking about what to do, when the owners husband came running at me like a raving maniac yelling ?who threatened my wife? over and over again . It looked like he had something in his hand (he didn?t) so I backed up to my truck. He then yelled get off my property and I got into the truck and left.

This would be a good place to avoid since the owners seem to me to have a short fuse and who knows what may happen if you paid them for a stay and said something they did not like.

  1. john williams says

    Great location, two beaches make tubing fun, you go down stream and get off at beach 2 and walk back to do it again! How awesome is that? New owner, Paul cares about his campgrlund, putting money into his property, kids love the new basketball courts, thanks

  2. Marie Strout says

    I may not be a registered user as my trip to Eastern Slope this past week was my first time camping, however, I will not return there. I understand the visitor fee- and I will say that I had a friend come up from Vermont and spend the afternoon with me along with her son and they didn’t charge her a thing. However, in my opinion the campground itself does have some of the rudest staff I have ever encountered. The “workers” ride around at insanely high speeds on golf carts with no regard for the safety of the children who walk and cross those paths. The bathrooms and rec area are not well maintained. The pool is small. 90 percent of the games in the “rec room” which is a combination laundry facility were out of order. We had no power on one night of our stay in over 100 degree weather and not a single person came around to tell us what was going on to fix it or to apologize for the inconvenience. We ended up checking out a day early because they mixed up our group reservation due to some of us having the same last name (hello… it is a FAMILY reunion) and even after admitting it was their error for not paying closer attention when our parties called to confirm, they still refused to fix it and said that my Aunt would have to move her whole camper set up if she wanted to stay the entire time. Mind you, she had a reservation confirmation right in her hand- paid IN FULL for her stay with nothing about having to move. When we checked out, no one even asked us why we were leaving a day early or how our stay was. Keep in mind also that if you want to swim, tube or kayak- you will need to go for a drive and find somewhere upriver to start out because if you try to go between beach 1 and beach 2 on the campsite, you will need to get up and walk 2-3 times due to the shallow water everywhere. There are hardly any family activities or anything for the kids to do. I won’t be staying here again- take it for what its worth.

  3. John Gardner says

    We stayed at this campground in the summer of 2006. We found the owners pleasant and helpful. The site was reasonably clean a spacious (we had a corner lot near the water). We plan on returning this August.

  4. Anonymous says

    I think its a stupid policy and I have never been charged for visiting.

    1. Anonymous says

      I\’m just reading this and wondering one thing. Where in NH have you stayed at a commercial campground and not payed a fee? If you look on ucampnh website all the parks charge from 3$-7$ per adult and some charge a fee for cars/trucks.

      I\’ve camped at Saco River, Beaches, Glenn Ellis, Danforth Bay, Cove, etc. in this area.

      They have ALL charged a fee. I think you are just uninformed on camping fee\’s.

      Good luck in your future adventures if you are this angry over a fee!!!!!

    2. vancouple says

      Interesting review and comments! We would really like to see registered or \"logged-on\" reviewers/commenters for a review that is this visceral. Anonymous comments are words without authors. We\’ve been to a lot of campgrounds over the years, and we\’ve seen similar guest policies and guest fees (and places with little concern over visiting guests, which can be cool but isn\’t always a good thing–a few bucks will often dissuade more colorful and, IOHO, guests, who have little stake in the quiet camping experience since they are not staying there) AND we\’ve also encountered very stressed/overworked owners/managers, AND we\’ve heard/seen/witnessed some uncivil behavior on the part of other campers (and, in this case, maybe their guests). This review could be very important/informative for those of us who travel to the Granite State. We would love to see another review from a registered reviewer with a history of reviews (and maybe some likes/dislikes and reviewing criteria in their profile). Until then, we\’re gonna reserve judgment. But, wow, what an interesting review! FYI: A similar review and comment can be located in the Delaware reviews–too many axes being ground in that testy exchange…

  5. Anonymous says

    I agree, I don\’t know of a private park in the white mountains that doesn\’t charge a visitor fee. How else do you expect them to make a living? They\’re not a charity! If you avoid all private campgrounds that charge a visitor fee then who are you shooting in the foot? as there won\’t be a nice park left to visit! You\’ll be left visiting state parks and national forests with pit toilets and no facilities or retain parking lots…. doesn\’t sound like a great alternative to me!

    1. Anonymous says

      This is Billy Jones from Danvers, MA. I\’ve stayed at this campground for many an enjoyable week in the summer. It is a beautiful place to stay right on the Saco River with family friendly activities and facilities. Huge sites, great big ballfield, neat and tidy grounds and cute cozy cabins. I\’ve brought my RV and stayed on the big rig 50 amp pull thru sites with cable tv and I\’ve enjoyed some of the huge sites down by the river. I\’ve had visitors occassionally and don\’t object to paying a fee. Insurance and upkeep costs of property is astronomical these days and my guests indirectly used their facilities with electricity and water. $5.00 for the adult and $0 for children (some parks charge up to $7.00 for an adult and $3.00 for a child as well as up to $7.00 for the car!!!) The registered camper should have paid the fee before inviting you to join them for the evening is my opinion. Great place – ignore these negative comments and go there – it\’s worth the drive…….

  6. Anonymous says

    Where have you stayed in the past??? If you were shocked by the fact that the campground wanted you to pay a small fee to enter the park then you haven\’t gotten out to 90% of all the RV Commerical parks in the US.

    Only State owned facilities are typically exempt from this.

    I agree – if you had threaten to trash talk me I\’d ask you to leave.

    1. Anonymous says

      I read with interest a posting/review of the camp area by a person who stated they were coming to visit friends. I came across this review and I feel the need to give my counter-review of Eastern Slope Camping Area in Conway,NH.

      I have camped at this campground for 3 years and I have always returned becuase of the location, river, Mount Washington Valley and friendly people I meet at the campground.

      I have always found the work camper staff, owner\’s and campers\’ at this campground to be just the opposite of the review I have read here.

      The campground has many people who have camped here for a generation or more. These people return year after year and it is becuase the owner\’s are always working to improve the amenities, offer new service\’s, etc.

      There are frequently 2 sides to every story – If I had been a fly on the wall I think the story may read a little different then the poster\’s story. Also, if I owned the campground and you threatened to bad mouth my establishment becuase of a visting fee (which almost every park I visited over the years charges) I\’d have asked you to leave, too!

      The fact you were so surprised and angered by a visitng fee sends me the message that you aren\’t a camper at all…….

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