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Lake Forest Resort – Wakefield, NH

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Lake Forest Resort is located in Wakefield, in New Hampshire’s “Lakes Region”. We stayed here last fall.

This campground was a nice birthday surprise. I needed to get away. The resort is on Great East Lake… a really pretty spot. We kayaked. The lake was very clean. At night the park was extremely quiet.

We had a great site with trees and plenty of space. There are a lot of seasonals there, but everyone was friendly. We will definitely go back. I hated to leave the tranquility and the loons.

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  1. Lake Forest Resort is in a beautiful location on Great East Lake, and provides a very relaxing and peaceful get away. The 9 hole cayman golf course is nicely decorated, and it is a pleasure to play a round or two. The lake is very clean and a spacious swimming area is provided, along with kayaking opportunities. The resort grounds are well kept and provide ample walking opportunities. The owners are very friendly and welcoming, helpful and considerate. I wouldn’t vacation anywhere else!

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