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Old Stage Campground – Madbury, NH

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We’ve camped at Old Stage Campground a number of times over the past several years and found the small family run campground enjoyable under the direction of Arnie and Pat Redfearn. Arnie was always available and willing to answer any questions. He would immediately provide a camper with assistance and treat everyone with respect and a smile. Arnie and Pat were committed to making the camping experience enjoyable and it showed. With the campground under the new direction of his son David things are changing. Some rumors of expansion and improvements sound promising but they seem to be understaffed and overworked trying to maintain the campground at it’s current size.

David and his wife Karen are only on site part time. Arnie and a few family members try to pick up the slack but the stress of Davids absence shows. When David or Karen are there, their moods are like the weather. Requests for propane tend to be met with a gruff demand for a prepayment. The last time I was there and needed propane I was shocked by the attitude. It seemed the request was a bit of a bother to them. Suddenly feeling your not trusted is something I also found troubling. Arnie’s smile and willingness to fill the tank as soon as it was humanly possible is surely missed. So is the family feeling.

One can’t help but assume David and Karen are not prepared to handle the “people” aspect of camping and need to realize a small family campground needs to be run as such. Not as a cold calculating corporation.

The stress from the daily operation of this campground clearly shows. The unpredictable moods of the new owners and it’s staff have made 2 of the last 3 trips to Old Stage less than enjoyable.

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