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Pine Acres RV Resort – Raymond, NH


Pine Acres is a nice campground but falls short of the title “Resort”. Most of the sites, at least in the section we were in, were seasonal, and as a result, the people there did not display the same friendliness that most camping communities extend to one another.

This is a busy, “party” campground, with people go to and from the beach area, horse shoe area, the restaurant, and store. The favored activity seemed to be cruzing the campground in a golf cart or mini-bike. The campground lacks the typical amenities one would expect at a resort. Perhaps the biggest example of this was the condition of the bathrooms, mildew covered ceilings, cobwebs, lack of toilet paper, and an example of just how outdated they are…pay showers. There is a water slide but no place for parents to watch small children from with the exception of a gravel parking area outside the fence. There is also a mini golf course – not that challenging and in need or repair, and a skate/bike park, also in need or repair. There were attendants working these areas but they were a bit brusque and looked more like maintenance men who had been reassigned than people working at a resort activity center.

The landscaping is another area in that could be improved upon. An overgrown baseball field, volleyball set in hard pack dirt rather than sand, and lack of interesting landscape show just how far away from a resort Pine Acres is.

Not everything was below average however. The sites are nice, level and large, with growth between them allowing for some semblance of privacy. The roads are well maintained, and the beach is great including the pavilion nearby and the grill selling food to people enjoying the sand and sun made for a fun “day at the beach”.

All in all this is a nice campground but not a resort.

  1. Gary says

    We stayed at the one in Raymond N.H. It was the worst experience in our lives. First off there is no control or security. No one stops at stop signs. A Little girl riding her bike almost got hit by a car. Gas golfcarts loud and driving all hours of the night and drinking on them. Under age kids driving golf carts and also drinking. Motorcyles rev up all night as they pass on the campground. Mortorized scooters young kids riding them and reclessly. Too many people on golf carts and people riding on back of tailgates with small children. Rules not enforced on flyer was told you don’t like it leave. They are only after the money and is a very dangerous campground. Management afraid of campers.

  2. john says

    Pine Acres in Raymond New Hampshire is nothing but a party campground. If you want to go to a family campground this is not the campground for you unless you enjoy drinking and doing drugs. If you want a family experience go somewhere else to go out go to party cousin Raymond New Hampshire.

  3. Anon says

    Pine acres is under new ownership and new management! Old managers Daryle and Troy are back. This has to be the most remarkable thing to happen to this campground in years. They are slowly but surely returning everything to as good as new! We are family here. And nothing is more important to them then making the guests happy. You will not regret not only camping here but becoming a seasonal and staying for years. There is no other place I want to be during my weekends and even weekdays then here with my family.

  4. Seadrift says

    New owners and new management and the park is coming back to its once greatness. Agreed the last few years have been in a negative mode. But all we see now is positive things and many improvements happening as well. Troy and Darryl our new managers are simply the best. Staff is courteous and very helpful and the happiness in the park is one to be enjoyed by all.

  5. Nancy says

    In my opinion, this is the worse campground around. Poorly managed and not well maintained. save your money and time and find another place. Don’t become a seasonal, in face don’t even spend one night there. In my opinion most seasonals there are nothing but a bunch of misfit drunks that act like high schoolers.

  6. Alex says

    My family and I spent the weekend at Pine Acres in Raymond, New Hampshire. We did not enjoy our stay for various reasons. First, interaction with the office staff was unfavorable. The female who checked us in was angry, hostile and rude. I expect much more from a customer facing employee. She mentioned that the computer was “slow and that if it didn’t start working she was going to punch it.” Next, all of the scheduled events were poorly operated. For example, we arrived at the Halloween Party at 11AM on Saturday and the party was still being setup. The same was the case for the hay scramble. Finally, during the Family Dance on Sunday, most of the staff was drinking alcohol in large quantities. A woman was taken away by ambulance and no staff were anywhere to be found. Next, the DJ announced that no glass bottles of alcohol were allowed. However, the campground staff were drinking beer from glass bottles. During the dance, a male employee went into the women’s bathroom while multiple females were in there. One of the females was my younger sister. The male was smoking a cigarette and drinking alcohol during this time. This male was standing with the female worker worked in the main office. I found this to be extremely inappropriate. Because of all of these negative events, my family and I will not return to Pine Acres.

  7. Elise Adams says

    My boyfriend and I had booked a cabin for a much needed get away weekend this past weekend. With two hours of traffic we arrived a few hours late of check in. Seriously tired and worn out from driving we were excited to reach our destination. We go to the check in and the guy in there says he has no idea who we are and no reservation or anything. We pull up our booking information, and confirmation e-mail as well as the voicemail on our phone from Pine Acres and a picture and address. The guy says to us, that is not even us. It was a picture of the building we were standing in, the phone number of the place. An email confirmation and a voicemail confirmation and the guy still told us he had no idea what we were talking about. We had to find another place to stay for a weekend we had already paid for. It was the worst and the staff was disrespectful. An apology and refund would of worked but I do not like when people play the stupid card to cover their own mistakes.

  8. Jill says

    I use to go there when I was younger with my family, now 32 I took my family there for 5 days and I’ll never go back. You have to pay for water slides which were closed down for no reason 2 days. The skatepark has holes in the ramps and the rails are ripping up, the mini golf course was a mini joke, all the tubes were backed up with 10+ balls, my kids went to office to ask them to unclog it, they were told no, then they asked for just another ball since one of theirs got stuck and they were told no, deal with the one they had. The lake was shut down after someone got rushed out in an ambulance. Must of seen cops in there 4 times. The store had next to nothing, and was very over priced. I spent over $200 at the arcade for kids because nothing else was in working order, and no one would even turn fans on in there and it was so muggy and hot we had to keep going outside for air. Just an awful camping experience and I’ll never go there again!

  9. Nancy says

    My kids are covered in chigger bites. What a horrible experience.

  10. Patti says

    Thank you for the reviews. I was considering spending a week here but after reading the reviews I think I’ll look elsewhere. I’m looking for a nice relaxing week, which means not having to worry about loud obnoxious children and families, or staff for that matter.

    1. Don says

      Thanks for the reviews. I saw a unit for sale a a low price with a prepaid site for this year. Now I know why they are selling. Not to me! My wife and I like to camp and bring our grandchildren, doesn’t sound like the place for us.

  11. Camplover2012 says

    This campground is terrible since Morgan RV took over. They are so overpriced for the loss of amenities and comfort! There are golf carts speeding at 20 mph all over the campground. Morgan rents them at a huge profit, and they offer their seasonals a deal on golf cart renting. So there are many, many of them and no one seems to care that kids are walking and riding their bikes. We cannot walk our small dogs without having to watch out for the carts speeding at us from around corners. It is risky to walk anywhere. The restrooms are very dirty and unkept. The prices have increased so dramatically in the last year that Pine Acres lost over 20 seasonals! They also do not keep their store stock with much of anything. All in all, this is not a very good campground or RV resort.

    1. camper says

      I completely agree with you! We have been camping there for many years and have watched it slowly go down the drain. One of the best things about the campground was the huge store, now it’s never stocked and you have to drive to the 7-11 (or whatever store it is) or further for anything. The staff is rude and they are way over priced, they will switch your campsite without notifying you until you get there. It’s a great campground, just not under Morgan RV management.

  12. Katie White says

    Hello there, I do not like these reviews. however, I do agree the campground has changed a little who cares. Everyone should still act like a family like always. You don’t need to complain about every single little thing. Everyone that works there is human so calm down. a=Anyways, there are a lot of good times up there and memories so if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it at all. I love this campground and always have. Thank You.

    1. jimmy says

      i have been going to pineacres since i was 7 im 34 now i have not been there since new management took over but people i know do say it is lacking since new owners that sucks i like it there wiill tell you how it went its not right that people go on your site its theres they have every right to complain

      1. Jay19 says

        Jimmy, where the hell did you go to school? You can’t even write an understandable response. I’ve read your reply several times and still don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

  13. doris fournier says

    We have been seasonals here for 7 years. Last weekend high pressured salesmen from Morgan Managment were there to pitch us their newest sales agreement. For $13,000 you will be in the club. This club offers $1,000 off the seasonal rates which is 3,400 plus $100.00 if you have a golf cart. They said it was good for 5 years. $1,000 of your seasonal site if join. Do the math. $2,400 + $2,600 is $5,000 per year for what? No swimming pool, and no security. We have had wood stolen from us many times. If you are not in the club and someone who is, they can take over your site. I think not.The store is empty, laundry rooms are not well maintained and half of the machines don’t work.

    People have been in our $7,000 screen house partying when we were not there and leaving beer bottles and pot behind. Feel safe? I think not.

    We had a beautiful site which we put in about $4,000 to bring in soil, rocks and shrubs, trees and flowers. It was a great site after we built it up. Now they are saying that if we do not belong to their club and somebody joins their club and we do not, they can take over our site.

    We are leaving the campground after 7 years and taking everything we put into it. You are not only losing us as seasonals but many of our friends. We were good people who loved and took great care of our site. I feel that in 2 years there will be no Pine Acres because the bank will be taking it over.

    Take care of the people who work for you. It’s not a family campground anymore it’s partytown USA. Police seem to be there every weekend. Who’s family wants to be in that invironment. Good Luck.


    1. vicki says

      I totally agree they are rude, demeaning, and so not friendly. When I checked in I was ignored because I was ten minutes too early (had to wait for the clock to strike 1 pm. My visitors (my kids) were given a hard time when they tried to check in. There is absolutely no security. I have had people coming down the hill in the muck onto our campsite drunk swearing in front of my grandchildren (nice family campground). There were golf carts racing on the pavilion after midnight. I have camped here for the summer for 6 years and this new management are terrible. We will leave at the end of this season and I will never return even if I was offered free camping. This is a party camp not family.

  14. Joanne says

    Resort? By no stretch of the imagination! I had high hopes for the place. As I drove up to the registration building, I was anxious to get my long weekend started. We were informed we would have to find our site on our own due to no one to escort us. Ok, thats fine, Im not an idiot, I can read the camp map. Follow up the hill its on top as I was told. As we drove up the hill, I thought great! It seems to have everything, propane filling (no one there), fire truck (I don’t believe it has been running since 1972), dodging children who didn’t seem to care there was a vehicle headed there way. Once cresting the top of the hill it became very clear to me… the more plastic flowers, the more broken down swings, plastic sheds, and empty beer bottles on your site, you win. Once we found our site and set up our camper, we soon realized we would get to know our fellow campers, whether we wanted to or not, due to the back to back side to side sites. Weathered screened rooms adorned almost every site. Parked at almost every site was golf carts, waiting for their racing partners later in the day. The only time we saw anyone who worked in the “resort” was when they were trying to sell firewood, other than that not one employee to be found. Sleep? Maybe an hour and a half the first night. I would have gotten more sleep at a rest stop on I-95. Never! Never again!

  15. Eric says

    Pine acres in my favorite place to camp. Sure the showers are a little iffy. I haven’t seen a nice shower at any camp ground I have been to. I saw the cleaning crew at the bath rooms a lot. We had nothing but good times there. Every one I talked to was more than nice. The coolest golf carts I have ever seen, wow.. They have a dance every Saturday nite with good dj. All the kids dance and the parents hang out in the sea of golf carts.and no one told us to put out the fire. If your not bothering any one than you’ll be fine. That’s just my experience. I really have nothing bad to say.

  16. Jacey says

    Pine acres is great I’ve been there 3 times and me and my friends have an awesome time. Like Rae.. didn’t like the review. I haven’t noticed the mold, not unless you spend most of your time staring at the ceiling. I agree it is not a resort, but we don’t have an RV or anything.. so we have like 6 tents set up. We are near the lake, so it’s cool to go swimming late. The waterslides are fun and all, but I always got stuck on the white one. might just be my clothes, but either way its still kinda slow. Had an AWESOME time.

  17. Rae says

    Read the review, not overly happy with it, don’t want to deal with mold. But, Myself and my family go camping every August, We want a camp ground that doesn’t tell us to be quiet at a cetain time, we want to have fun. This is our “me time”. We like to have fun, have some drinks, play the radio and just be our selves. Can anyone help me find this palace. We live in the Dover/Portsmouth, NH area, so we don’t want to travel more than 1-2 hrs. Thanks

    1. cheryl says

      I love Pine Acres in Raymond NH. I’ve been camping there for 10 summers in a row. Its my favorite of all.

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