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Sandy Beach RV Resort – Contoocook, NH


One of our camping friends recommended Sandy Beach RV Resort to us this past winter so we decided to give them a try a few weeks ago. I must say we were quite disappointed.

First of all, if you have a larger rig you’ll find it extremely difficult navigating through the park. This appears to be an older campground built in the days when RVs were much smaller. The main interior roads are paved and narrow, the rest are gravel. Sites are gravel too, some acceptably level, some not.

What disappointed us the most of all was the cluttered look of many of the sites. There were old tires, lumber scraps and miscellaneous items strewn around the property. Perhaps we came at the wrong time, but the property could use a lot of attention and perhaps some rules about accumulating junk on your campsite.

On the plus side, everyone at the campground, from the store clerk to the maintenance people were extremely friendly and accommodation. It’s just a shame that the property was just not very inviting.

This is a tired old campground, and certainly not an “RV Resort”, buy any stretch of the imagination.

  1. Denise says

    Just got back from a 3-day weekend. I have been camping for 30 years and have never experienced such rude people. They don’t talk to you, they yell at you and watch you at all times. I don’t know how they stay in business. It’s actually comical to watch them.

  2. Steve says

    Our first and last time coming here. We felt like we was being watched at all times. Some of the rules are stupid for a campground. o ya its a rv resort

  3. john says

    You are right on about this campground. What a pit. I would never camp there again. The management is the worst around, they pop out of the woods at all time yelling at people all day and night long. I could go on forever…

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