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Buena Vista RV Park – Buena, NJ


Is it possible to give negative stars? A half of a star is much too good for this park. First we pulled up to the gate with our 5th wheel only to see a sign that said the entrance was 12′ 10″ high. My 5th wheel is 13′ 1″ high. The girl at the gate told me I had to back all the way up and go through the exit and didn’t offer any help backing up. Who puts that kind of entrance at a campground when most 5th wheels are 13′ high? When we finally got into the campground the “escort” golf cart that showed us to our site took us the wrong way down our street to get into our campsite so he took us all over the campground going the wrong way down one way streets (full of potholes) until we finally came to the other end of our street to pull in correctly.

Once we got hooked up the electric lasted about 30 minutes then went out. I went over to the connection to check the breaker and as soon as I touched the breaker it came loose and started sizzling. Maintenance did come by and replace the breaker but the electric went out twice again the next morning. Two gentlemen from maintenance were nice enough to take care of the problem for me quickly by replacing all the wiring in the box. This part is not a complaint but is just one example of how shoddy everything in this park is.

We went July 4th weekend and no pool… yep it’s under construction in the middle of the summer, way to go management. They neglected to mention this on the phone when we reserved our sites. Of course you can pay extra to use the water slide… well for the first day, it was broke after that. Then there’s the lake, you can swim in that if you don’t mind the very under qualified lifeguard. Since it was hot with nothing to cool off in I figured I’d watch some TV in my camper, but wait, you have to pay extra for cable on a full hook up site. Oh well, no TV.

Now we know there’s no pool, bad electric, a broken water slide, a dirty lake with a nasty “lifeguard” so what else does the wonderful Buena Vista have to offer? Well, I hope you don’t use the campground’s restrooms because if they’re not locked, they’re filthy. In addition, keep your kids off the roads because there were plenty of people driving way too fast (25 mph) down the streets and right by our sites with security no where to be found. One camper was so drunk he drove his car over a tree stump and tore the gas tank off the car. Campground management found him there complaining with a beer in his hand. Did they call the police you ask? Nah. Quiet time is 11:00 at Buena Vista but some campers don’t care and blare spanish music well into the night all over the campground. Not once did management or security drive by to check things out.

Onto the store and game room… the store was pretty much empty of supplies and the game room was full of old games in which most didn’t even work.

As for management and staff, it seemed to me that the average age was about 17.

Morgan RV Resorts owns this campground so I’m scratching all of their campgrounds off my list of possibilities.

So, if you’re into spending $57 a night for filth, bad electric, nasty lifeguards, a broken waterslide, no pool, lots of spanish music and a generally horrible experience go to Buena Vista Campground. If you’re not into these things go anywhere else.

  1. [email protected] says

    OMG! I don’t know where they got the pics for there website but, in my opinion this place is a dump. I would not ever recommend this to anyone. I wish I could add photos of what it really looks like. We spent the night only because it was and overnite and it was only adults.

  2. Mike says

    The previous post was written in 2010. If I read the post before parking in Buena Vista I would have avoided it. However, and thankfully I did not. Apparently the ground are under new management and it was the exact opposite of what I read (from 2010). The staff was wonderfully friendly and the grounds were well kept. The staff responded to everything that we asked for (which was little as nothing went wrong). Quiet time WAS 11, and at quiet time a very friendly staff member politely asked us to keep it down which we did. When we turned off our music, (classic rock for that matter) we were able to hear the fire burning. It was extremely peaceful and I really could not ask for anything else. Yes, the roads were a bit bumpy…Bu then again I am making the choice to find a very wooded and quiet area to rest.

  3. Trish says

    Have stayed at this campground a few times only to support the American Cancer Bikeathon that ends in the campground field. I agree with everything the above camper says. To make matters worse this year, they called this morning to let us know that the campground is closed due to damage the campground sustained from storms a week ago. Really? They couldn’t have called last night before I packed my camper in 95 degree heat? And what if I was already on the road? Just unbelievable! They have offered to send us to one of their other resorts. Well NO THANK YOU! Morgan Resorts get a clue and clean up your act! And I do mean that literally!

  4. john w says

    i dont understand how this site awards stars. based on what was written, why would they give it 2 stars? 1 or none would seem more appropriate.

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