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Shady Oaks RV Park – Plattsburg, NY


This was one of the worst reception we have ever received on arrival at an RV Park. The owner met us at the gated entry and when informed that we belonged to Passport America he became hostile. He told us that he had nothing but trouble from Passport America members and that he didn’t really want us there!!! He told us that he was withdrawing from being a Passport America campground. We have notified Passport America about our experience here but also noted that this campground is still an active PA park on their website. I would not recommend that you stay at this campground.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Passport America campers would be welcomed if they just did not make such demands like wanting a premium site at half price. No campground owner would cancel a reservation at the regular price to give it to a P.A. camper at half price. Half price sites are usually smaller and further from the amenities. All P.A. campers know this. Why would any campground give a primium site to 1/2 price campers. Would not be very profitable. P.A. campers never stay more than the 2 day stay for half price. So they would rather leave every 2 days and pay for the high price of gas rather than to take that gas money and stay longer at the campground. Now what is more practical. It only takes one P.A. camper to ruin a good thing. But too many P.A. campers to ruin it all for everyone !

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