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Acorn Acres Campground – Benton, PA


We were looking for a place to stay close to Knoebels Amusement Park and I found this campground online. I called and ask how far away from Knoebels they are and was told about 1/2 hour. Actually it is more like an hour away. We rented the Green Cabin for $120 + tax for a Friday night.The road to this cabin was in very poor shape. And it is not a cabin it is an old house with very old disgustingly stained and dirty carpets all over. There was no air conditioning. The cabin had a small TV with an antenna and not any clear channels.

The toilet did not flush properly and the shower did not drain properly. We found that there was not enough hot water for two people to take a short shower. Water from the sink was brown and full of dirt particles.

The furniture was old and it had bad smell. The kitchen was clean. In their restaurant there was just the owner and no menu or prices. We were told we could have spagetti or burgers. Without any prices on site we decided to look for food elsewhere. So we drove 15 miles to find a pizzeria.

We looked for fishing poles to rent and owner told us we could borrow some and they were outside by the restaurant before we left out to eat. They were gone (as was the owner!) when we came back. So no fishing. No activities, except there was a nice playground for the kids. (Everything needed to be cleaned and wiped off).

The next morning we left around 7am, left the key in the office and rung the bell but nobody answered. Still sleeping I assume. This campground is just for the locals with their own RVs, not for the visitors. Oh yes, public restroom had filthy soaked wet floors.

Only nice thing about the cabin was the location, very private with little pond and a creek next to it.

Overall very disappointing for the price we paid.

  1. George Mikulski, Ph.D. says

    This info is for historical purposes only. The Campground was sold and is now operating under the name Acorn Acres.

    Built by George, Rosemary, and George Jr. (me) Mikulski from 1968 to 1998 when it was sold. I assisted with the construction and maintenance of the business. This included building roads and campsites, operating a bulldozer, dump truck, mowers, trimmers, chainsaws and other equipment. Constructed a cabin, house and other buildings to include building from the footer to the foundation, walls, windows, roofing and everything else until construction completion. Installed separate gravity fed water systems for cabin, house, and campsites. Installed septic systems for buildings and campsites. Performed maintenance of grounds including gardens and lawns. Performed maintenance such a trash removal and snow removal. Also cleared land for new campsites, stored logs for seasoning, cut and made firewood available for house and campground. Pretty much everything since the first road was built on the undeveloped land until it was sold in 1998.

  2. FG says

    My friends and I were not expecting a lot of amenities. We did, however expect certain basic things for a charge of $25 per night per VERY small campsite:

    1.Generally nice people. Unfortunately, the people on this campsite constantly glared at us, occasionally shouting insults at us when we drove by. My guess is that the RV crowd is small, tight-knit, and doesn’t want outsiders there.

    2. Basically flat sites. The worst, rockiest land is reserved for the outdoor campsites.

    We didn’t expect bathrooms or showers, but none would have been better than the expensive, coin-operated showers and always backed-up toilets, which were located as far from the campgrounds as possible. There were no portapotties near the site. But the proprietor, Annie is friendly, nice, and will answer absolutely any questions you have. Also, we weren’t expecting running water and electricity piped right to the site… a huge added convenience.

    Unfortunately, the money we were charged made this a terrible value.

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