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Lake-in-Wood Camping Resort – Narvon, PA

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We called Lake-in-Wood Camping Resort in Narvon, Pennsylvania in January for reservations for July.

We were told the weekly rate would be $366 and if we stayed seven nights we received an eighth night free. Great… add a night to our stay! What they neglected to say was if you stay that ‘free’ night you revert to their daily rate of $61 so now seven days with a ‘free’ night costs $427. They don’t volunteer this info upfront and when you check in, it is beyond their 2 week change/cancellation policy.


  1. We have always had a great experience with Lake N wood. It’s one of our favorite places to go. A beautiful property , great pool and activities and we love renting a golf cart. The people there are wonderful, certainly not dishonest or greedy. Lovely people and property

  2. I read with great surprise the review from Toni K. I am a regular camper at Lake in Wood and have never felt that the company was dishonest in any way or misleading in their policies. Their rates are fair and clearly stated, especially considering the many activities and events and facilities you can find at the park. The daily rate is $61 per night. When you do the math, it is clear that this person was given seven nights for the price of 6 (6 times $61 equals $366). Since that person stayed for 8 nights, the cost would have been $427, exactly the amount that was paid. It appears that Toni K simply was not listening carefully when the costs were explained. Then, this person simply “flew off the handle”.
    I was curious about the golf cart rates so I checked a brochure. There is nothing mentioned about renting for a 24 hour period. The rates and times for the rentals are clearly spelled out in the brochure. So the owner would have been justified to insist on the rental costs as stated. But, in the spirit of compromise it would seem that Lake In Wood was willing to work with the customer. It is too bad that some folks, rather than admit to their own errors or misunderstandings, would rather go out of their way to attempt to trash a wonderful organization such as Lake In Wood.

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