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Yellowstone Park KOA – West Yellowstone, MT


Our stay at Yellowstone Park KOA should have been a great family vacation but it turned into a nightmare. We spent the previous nights at the KOA in Great Falls and had a fine experience but this place is run like a concentration camp.

We were told be quiet BEFORE quiet hours began at 10PM. We were told to put out our small marshmallow campfire without an explanation. We were harassed by the managers and security from the start of the trip. When we voiced our concerns to the owner they responded with insults and threats to forcibly kick us out.

PROS: We were not forced into involuntary slave labor

CONS: Early forced bed times, poor shower pressure, dirty bathroom/showers, over chlorinated pool, rude staff, We were not escorted to out assigned spot (typical KOA protocol), and night fees even with discount card.

If I were to go to West Yellowstone again I would stay at one of the MANY other available campgrounds. If you are a glutton for punishment and do go to this KOA, good luck, and be sure to bring numbers of other campgrounds when you find out how rude they are for yourself!

  1. Michael J Borso says

    This would have been my first experience at any KOA campground and after our misfortune and how we were treated by the owner, we could not stay.

    We arrived to the KOA late at night and we were directed to our space which was to be large enough to accomodate a 60′ RV. The corner was so tight that I hit a cement pole on my coach. Our director (Ben) said that they should not have put us in this space due to the size of our coach (40′). The owner (Steve Linde) must have been called and came out to see what happened. He started yelling, cursing, and threating me to leave the campground. He was so out of control that the manager was telling him to calm down. I ended up leaving the campground immediately and I filed a police report. The deputy had said to me that their office has had other complaints from this campground as well. I have also filed a formal complaint with KOA’s corporate office. This is not a “family oriented” campground at all and I strongly would discourage anyone to patronize this KOA site.

  2. PaulT says

    I may have been camping at KOA during this incident. I did complain to the manager about a loud group next to us. If it’s the same one then Yellow Shirt Girl is correct. This guy and his friends were jerks. Kudos to the management for kicking them out!

  3. Yellow shirt girl says

    I work here at the West Yellowstone KOA. By no means am I am KOA flag waver, but this guy is full of it. I know exactly who this man is. At 10pm our security guard, the nicest most soft spoken man I have ever met in my life, went to this man’s site to inform him that our quiet hours had begun. He was simply doing his job and trying to keep the guests around this man’s site happy. We had complaints about him and his group the night before. They were all outside drunk, with a raging fire screaming and yelling. Politely, our security asked them to quiet it down. ‘gtpete’ was so angry we felt it was time to call the local police. Feel free to check the West Yellowstone police reports. It clearly states in the reports that the man was unreasonable and out of control. Did I mention that he was kicked off our campground by the local authorites? I don’t think he mentioned that in any of his postings. Just wanted to add a different view…

  4. Sally Schwienfahrdt says

    This guy has listed the same negative review in about a 1/2 dozen review sites. He’s really got an axe to grind over his experience. I highly doubt his treatment was typical because no other review relates “slave labor” and “concentration camp” experience. His review sounds like a Soap Opera. I think I’ll take his review with a grain of salt.

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