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Deschutes River State Park – The Dalles, OR


I’m going to start with what is wrong with Deschutes River State Park because you may not want to read any further… No showers, no sewer, not even a dump, and according to the host, the reason is not enough water to support either. So water and electricity is all your going to get. But the host also told us that the park is packed in summer so folks must not mind. Oh, two more little annoyances, ticks in the woods and if you don’t like the sound of train whistles in the middle of the night, you might want to reconsider staying here. Now saying that, we really enjoyed our two day stay. The park is a delight, especially for hikers, bikers, fishermen and bird watchers. As you walk upriver the noise from the freeway disappears and the river rapids take over. The Canadian Geese hook wildly, (oh, careful where you step) the gulls scream at each other and meadow larks sing from everywhere.

We made reservations but save your money. In April it is only about a quarter full week days.

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