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Loon Lake Lodge and RV Resort – Reedsport, OR


If you’re thinking about going here, I recommend that you don’t. The campground is not at all as nice as we were led to believe on their web site. The RV section is mainly made up of gravel, sand and dead grass. Sure there’s a lake but most can not see it unless you walk to it.

The cable tv reception is poor in the sites that can actually get it, the free wifi comes and goes, and the fishing is poor. The small but nice lodge is a gruelling half mile walk up the road so support is unavailable in the RV area. An emergency phone however, is available in the RV area for medical emergencies.

Another upsetting feature of the park are the logging trucks that roll by and the unexpected road construction going on right at the rv park. Neither of which is the fault of the park but a warning would of been nice.

The one good thing about this place is their willingness to give us a refund so we could leave early.

  1. glenda haines says

    I called and got reservations for three motorhome sites, with full hookups. I told them the sizes of our motorhomes, when we got there I paid at the office thinking everything would be OK, but it was not. The spaces were not big enough. There was no way to get large motorhomes in the spaces.
    When we got there one of our reservations were given away and when I asked for a refund they said they could put all of us on a group spot with no hookups. I said no, just give me my money back. They refunded me everything but my reservation fees, even after they lied to me and gave one of our spots away. So don’t think your reservation is secure. Glenda

  2. R.Crumal says

    I just got back from Loon Lake, Resort side. I agree that the staff was not very friendly. The site we had was for a group. There was maybe one space at the camp that was flat enough for a tent. I contacted the lodge about the conditions to no avail. For $70 a night we thought we would get better. The restrooms/showers were almost 7/10 of a mile away. The site was on the main road just feet from the camping area. We were on a sharp corner with log trucks going by all day. There were no safe areas for our 2, 5 and 9m year old grandchildren to play with the road on one side and very deep drop offs on all other sides. This site was high above the lake with no access and very little view. I’m not sure what the other camps were like as we were not offered a different site. We left early not getting the balance of our fees. I would advise anyone against camp #70

  3. RossH says

    While I do agree no toilet paper or towels are valid reasons to complain, it sounds like your kids need a little supervision. Check out the latest poll. Campers number one complaint is uncontrolled kids. I’m guessing your remark that the kids bikes were “1cm from the road” in reality is “in the road”. Be a little more considerate of other campers. Park your vehicles in designated areas. I have to follow the rules. What makes you so special? I’m glad they interrupted your dinner. If I were there I’d thank the groundskeeper myself.

  4. Jen Bobodzhanov says

    I do not recommend this “resort”. We just spent a week there for a family reunion. The lake itself is beautiful but the staff at the resort made the resort almost unbearable. It seemed at times that they were going out of their way to make our stay uncomfortable. From having no toilet paper in the main bathroom, to asking for our towels to be replaced in the Motel and cabins and not getting any… the groundskeeper seemed surly and rude to our children for parking their bikes 1 cm from the road, waiting until the middle of our family dinner to request a car be moved (and then demanding it be done immediately or he will have me kicked out of the park!) Oh, and by the way, the park misrepresents itself on its website… and the webcam picture is not from the resort but the National park up the road 2 miles!

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