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The Old Mill RV Park – Garibaldi, OR

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Last weekend I was camping at The Old Mill RV Park in Garibaldi, Oregon. On Saturday, June 12th, I was walking my dogs and was attacked by a pit bull staying in the park. One of my dogs was badly injured. While reporting the incident to the police, it became apparent that the same dog had been involved in a recent similar incident.

The dog is still there and, in my opinion the park does not seem to care about its behavior. This situation is dangerous. The dog is near the playground and roadway. It is a disaster waiting to happen!


  1. I was looking forward to visiting Old Mill RV park. I am very happy that I read this reviiew. I would never stay in a park that allows PitBulls. This tells me a lot about the park. No thanks

  2. This unfortunate and isolated incident happened in June of 2010. I’m unaware of any other incident that dog was involved in. The dog and owner were not located by the playground but were at the opposite end of the park. After the incident, the owner was asked to leave the park and did so. The people whose dog was attacked understandably were upset, but they were only here for the weekend and would not know when the dog owner checked out. I would also like to add that the offending dog was properly locked up by the owner, it became excited when the people walked their dog close by the trailer and broke through the screen door. When the incident was reported to us we phoned the police to make a report and found and phoned a vet for the injured dog.
    We value our guests safety and peace of mind. We handle any complaint or incident properly and immediately.

    • In my opinion the Old Mill RV park is not safe. The marketing verbage regarding event center and safety etc. All bogus.

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