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Wallowa State Park – Joseph, OR


Wallowa State Park was unbelievably noisy, with incredibly tight spaces and overwhelmingly unhelpful employees! If this site had a rating lower than 1, this park would get it. Dogs barking ALL day. Kids SCREAMING from 7 am till 10 pm.

This campground sits in a “bowl” so with at least 100-150 campfires going every night, it was impossible to breath. Park rangers very unconcerned about noise and dogs. They said they had no power to do anything about it even though it is written on the camp regulations sheet you get when you check in. Camp hosts(8 of them) are powerless too. All they do they told me is “pick up things”. Between staff and hosts there were 18-20 people there all day and each one claimed they could do nothing about barking, unattended dogs or enforcing quiet hours. They all go home at 5pm so, there is no one there to enforce quiet hours.

The bathrooms/showers are very old , very dirty and in need of repair.

If you have children that you want to let literally run wild 12 hours a day, come here. It is perfect. If you want any peace and quiet at all while camping stay as far away from here as possible. We camped here in a tent trailer with our dog (whom we did NOT allow to bark !).

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  1. D. Dello says

    This is a great place to go after Labor Day. It’s no longer crowded, and the elk come into camp.

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