Bumping Lake Marina and Resort – Naches, WA


If you want to “get away from it all,” Bumping Lake Marina & Resort is perfect. If you like “roughing it” in your RV, but with some backup amenities available, this place is perfect. However, it doesn’t have tons of creature comforts. Although the address is Naches, Washington, it’s actually about 30 miles past Naches. The resort is so remote that cell phones don’t work. I did notice some satellite dishes, so it may be possible that satellite works here, not sure (but forget about an internet connection!).

This campground is a good place to learn to “dry camp” if you are not sure of yourself. I developed my “dry camping” skills and knowledge here. Although there are electrical hookups, they are minimal.

The spaces are dirt, and are haphazardly located along a hillside, in the trees, by a lake. The owner has divided the campground between “partying” and “peace & quiet.” You will be asked to specify when you register. I stayed in the “peace & quiet” section and found it relaxing. I wandered over to the “partying” section, and was glad I chose the quiet side.

I stumbled onto this park accidentally while trying to find a different park in August 2009. This resort is open from May thru September. I plan to do an annual sojourn here, just for the “get away from it all” aspect.


  1. What a wonderful time some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Not a place for white buck shoe’s but an excellant place for a hiking stick and a good fishing pole. Trust us we will be back!

  2. Mary, you’re the inconsiderate one. You don’t just drive thru a private campground without first stopping at the desk to ask permission. It’s a common camping courtesy. Kudo’s to the attendant for chasing you down and reprimanding you. Paying campers appreciate that security.

  3. Being an event planner, I like to go find places for people to think about when choosing weddings, and events. My partner and I stumbled down to Bumping Lake Resort, to check out campsites, locations, food, for an event next year. My friend had camped there before but the set up was different than he remembered so we were driving around. We actually thought about spending the night in our RV (van). Normal people drive around campsites looking for which one they want and then go and check to see if it is available. Since the event is for a disabled group, we wanted to see if the sites would be appropriate, access to water, toilet facilities, drinking water, etc. There is no cell service at all. We were driving around, and stopped to look around (it was pretty windy, and I understand this is an ongoing thing), and an attendant greeted us with “this is private property.Can I help you or anything.” There was no one staying at the resort, no tents, no RVS, no one. We said we were looking for a site and she said we had to go back to the office to check on what sites she had available. We weren’t allowed to wander around on our own. We looked around a bit; her husband talked to my partner for a bit, and even suggested that we try the State campground on the other side of the lake. We didn’t tell this was for an event for which they could have made some bucks, because after the welcoming committee, I got so turned off, that I wanted out of there as fast as I could go. We looked at the other side of the lake. Too much concrete camping for me, or my clients. The site is OK, but there are no showers, no cell phone service and the spots are in the dirt. And it costs more to stay there than some of the U.S. Forest Service campsites along the River. We ended up staying at one of those for $16.00/night, with a rushing river making wonderful sounds day and night. I would avoid the resort.

    • If you have been drinking, or act like you aren’t a quiet and respectful person, you may not be encouraged to stay. Just the way I like it. There is a public campground across the lake where you can get a bit loud, but it is no longer the out of control drukfest it was 20 years ago. This resort is one of our favorites because the owners ask the drunks and troublemakers to leave.

    • I agree with this reader. $7.00 dollars just to sit in the dirt and swim. I was there last year also, I paid the $7.00. Its a shame I will never go back there to be chased down for 7 dollars and not even be able to pick my own spot.

  4. This could be the best place where my wife and I could relax and feel much closer to nature as we have always plan. But, yeah I also wonder what goes to the “partying” section of the camp. –Arthur


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