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Fidalgo Bay Resort – Anacortes, WA

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I stayed at Fidalgo Bay Resort in May 2005. At the time, they didn’t charge deposits. However, the web site indicates they now require full payment at the time of booking. Not Good! The waterfront sites are decent, if you want to pay the price. On the other hand, "oceanfront" overlooks a smelly bog. Good Wi-Fi! When I initially booked my May 2007 reservation and asked for "waterfront," I had a 24 foot RV and I was told "we like to give those spots to big rigs." I held my ground and got a waterfront. Fidalgo Bay Resort is about 8 miles from the ferry docks to the San Juan Islands.


  1. I don’t know which park these guys are talking about but there is no river at Fidalgo Bay Resort. I am sitting in my pick up truck with a camper in my waterfront site, using the park’s free wifi to read these reviews. If you want to review a park please get your information correct. I have never had a problem getting a Waterfront site at this park.

  2. I have a camper and my friend has a trailer, we both stayed on the waterfront. They told us that anyone can stay in any of their sites at anytime.

  3. Mikekey, when I stayed there in 2005, I had a 24 foot Class C. I got the “we like to keep the river spots for big rigs” speech, but I stamped my feet and said I wanted a river spot! I got it. You have to be firm.

  4. This place used to be great, but the new owners (a local Indian tribe) have priced it out of our bracket. I also hate places that save the best spots for the big rigs. I stayed here once but won’t return. If I want to pay as much as the big diesel pusher, what difference does it make that I am in a 30 footer? They make the same amount of money, right?

  5. Fidalgo Bay Resort no longer requires full payment in advance (the new management stopped this policy). They do, however, require a first night payment to reserve the site.

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