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Lakeside RV Park – Everett WA


In my opinion, the manager on duty was rude… curt in her answers and uninformative. She did not seem to know the area very well. There was also a smell in the office from an elderly dog with gastric problems.

Most sites were occupied and empty sites were clean with exception of a few. Cable TV was limited to 20 channels. There was no WiFi in the park. We were told they were working on it but there was no deadline mentioned. No modem hookup either. They only had a pay phone available.

Propane pricing was higher than the local service station. They have no swimming pool available, and no other amenities. There was a sign posted in the mens bathroom that said the restrooms were a privilege and would be closed if someone continued to get water on the floor – in the shower area no less.

The tent site was closed for the season, not to open until summer. The cost of a nightly rate seems rather high compared to the amenities offered in this park which are rather poor. I would not recommend this park to anyone, and will not be coming back.

  1. Lily says

    They have a bad dog policy. The operator refused us after getting all my information and credit card because she insisted my 50 pound terrier was a “pit bull”.

  2. Robin says

    I have been living at Lakeside R.V Park for the past 8years. Anywhere you live things always don’t go as well as you want them to, Especially in a private community as i consider this to be. Heck they don’t go my way all the time. If it did it would just be a perfect world. Well it’s not perfect. However this is a beautiful and peaceful place.
    Whomever chooses to come here and stay you shall be treated with the up-most respect. If you have any questions they shall be answered, if you need help it shall be given. All of us have our days and we never know what the other persons’ have gone through. If we were all to take alittle time and breathe we may have a better world.
    As far as staying here in the park it is a safe and beautiful place to be. For the most part there are know problems and at times you always get the seldom few whom choose to try and create them. You have a
    management looking out for our best interest.
    If you are looking for a perfect place move on,as one doesn’t exist. If you want to stay at a place where there is “TRUE SINCERENITY,HONESTY,LOVE AND RESPECT then this is the place to be. The up keep on the grounds is not only up to the staff but up to those of us whom reside here as we would expect those who would visit in our own homes.
    Please come and find out what a relaxing time you will have by staying here. Enjoy your time if you choose!
    Looking forward to new and returning quests.
    While I am on this sight want to wish all of you out there a Happy Holiday Season.

  3. Henry Boney says

    We stayed one week at Lakeside RV Parkand regretted ever coming to this park. The older couple in the office were continually arguing amongst themselves and in front of my family – not very personable to the public.

    While we were there we say litter all over the park, management in the office drinking coffee and working on computers (games) and the assistant nowhere to be found. We stayed here last fall as well as over the past few years. The grounds were always kept immaculate compared to the way it looks presently.

    I would NOT recommend this park to anyone while the park is managed by these two – they don’t appear to be very good in dealing with the public.

  4. Beth says

    We are in the park this month and have few complaints. It’s an older park and the spaces aren’t huge. Some aren’t too level. Some don’t let satellite dishes reach the sky because of the huge trees at the back. But the managers & ass’t mgrs have been terrific. We bought LP here because we needed it – knowing that park prices are always higher than other sources. And that’s okay. The Wi-Fi has been installed and works – not at blazing speeds, but it works clear down to the last row. We’ve stayed at several parks in the general area and this one is okay. We’ll probably return because it is convenient to family. And the people are nice – that makes up for a lot.

  5. bonedoc says

    Recently stayed here and will definitely return. The park was quaint and quiet, clean. The staff went out of their way to help us get directions and tickets to several tourist spots (can’t wait to see the aquarium again!) and even printed us maps. Any problems we had (only 1)they quickly resolved. Though the park isn’t the biggest and doesn’t have the most or best of everything we will stay here again on our way back back to California.

  6. Larry Manor says

    The person or persons who wrote this scathing review are completely wrong! He or she also used to work there and are disgruntled ex employees! We always find it disturbing when someone who was unhappy with their employment situation and could not fit in at the job site, try and get others to think that something or someone at that place of business is the worst they had EVER seen in their pitiful lives! very sad DON

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