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Natalbany Creek Campground – Amite, LA


This campground flooded the night 5 of my fellow chapter members were staying there. There was not a single employee present to help with the unclogging and removing branches and other trash from the drains which we worked on for two hours. About 1:30am we were told by other campers “get out before the road can’t be seen”. We were told we would get credit for the 2 days that the campground was unfit to use.That later changed and after much rudeness on the part of the campground employees we left vowing not to return until they were more friendly and cooperative with campers.

We had stayed there 3-4 times for our chapter meeting and had no prior problems. I would think management would be a little more accommodating to its patrons.

I guess it might be said if its cloudy DON’T Stay at Natalbany Creek Campground.

  1. Natalbany Creek Campground says

    Good morning everyone. Just wanted to let everyone know the campground is back open for business. I apologize for any problems you may have had in the past. I can certainly understand the frustrations. The campground is under new management. Please give us a chance to prove we have changed. Take care, be safe, and have a great day!

  2. Mark & Diane says

    We have stayed there a couple of times this year and the campground is under new management/ownership. They do an awesome job of taking care of all guests and have lots to do. It did rain on us but there was no flooding. The campground is as neat as a pin and very comfortable. I’m not sure why there was a flooding problem when there is a lake that would take any water that wouldn’t drain. Possibly tent campers in the very back? I would suggest that everyone come back and speak with Pam the manager. She is just great! We stayed most recently over the long 4th of July weekend.

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