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American RV Park – Albuquerque NM


This is a ?beware? letter for all of you RV?ers who have worked so very hard to be where you are today. There are some places that should not be visited or revisited.

I am writing this letter on behalf of my senior parents, my husband, my son, myself, and all of you who spend your hard earned dollars to travel ?RV? style. I am also a native of Albuquerque for over thirty years. I find this experience to be a terrible representation of our city, and very embarrassing.My story begins at the moment my family entered the American RV Park, on West Central, in Albuquerque. My husband and I are not RV?ers just yet, but we love to get out with my folks, who are.

On the morning of May 26, 2007, we entered the Park to meet with my folks, and get on our way to the northern part of our beautiful state of New Mexico. We had no intention of even exiting our vehicle, but just to meet with them and all drive out together, as they were waiting for us. Before I had even put our vehicle in park, I saw a little man approaching me from the rear of my vehicle. He was extremely aggressive, and told me that I could not park there. (We were parked next to my parents RV). I tried to explain that we were only going to be there for just a couple of minutes, as we were meeting my parents, and planned to leave immediately. He would not accept anything from me, and continued on to be very rude. In order not to make much of an issue, I chose to wait for my folks on the outside of the park.

Several days later, after returning from our trip, I followed my parents RV into the driveway of the American RV Park, so that they could get checked in and my family and I could be on our way to our house. Our intention was to retrieve our son, who had been riding in the RV with his grandparents, grab some dirty laundry, and be on our way. Once again, by the time I had exited my vehicle, this same little man had driven up very aggressively and parked his cart behind my parents RV. As I came around to my dad?s vehicle (which was being towed by his RV) this man began yelling at me, saying that I could not park there and that I was blocking traffic. I told him that we were only going to be parked momentarily, just long enough to retrieve my son. This fellow continued to scream at me, and he said that he didn?t care what I was doing, just move. At about this time my husband and my father were on the scene and realized what was going on. Both tried to explain that we were just making a transfer and would only be a moment. Again this fellow refused to accept anything from either, taunting them both with very aggressive gestures and language. This fellow, whose name is Garland Wright, told my dad that he was the manager and that if we didn?t move our vehicles, that he would call the sheriff. Well, of course, this threat did not sit well at all with my retired military father. My dad?s response was ?You would do well to get out of my face?, at which time my dad and my husband left this man standing there, and went in to get checked in. At that moment this guy continued his rampage with me. My response to this fellow was that the only person blocking any traffic was he and his little cart. Then, this Garland Wright followed my father and my husband into the building, and instructed the staff (one of which was his wife, Pamela Wright) not to honor the reservation that my Dad had made weeks earlier. He told my ?senior? parents to leave and go somewhere else, again threatening to call the sheriff, attacking, using terrible language, etc.

This man had provoked both my father and my husband to such a point, that it is amazing to me that this guy is still standing on both feet. The other point that I would like to make is that no one except Garland Wright was blocking traffic, and if he had just been a bit patient we would have only been a moment, in our transfer. It certainly is my opinion that this man was looking for a fight, and purposely tried to provoke both my dad and my husband. Let alone the fact that he was absolutely horrible to me.

After returning to my home, I called the Park and asked for the name of the manager(s) and the owner(s), at which time I found out that Pamela Wright is the wife of Garland Wright, and they manage together. She was equally as rude and refused to believe that Garland had expressed such behavior. She offered no apologies, and her response was that ?there are always two sides to a story?. She accused my dad of being ?out of control? and very arrogant.

One would wonder why the parent company, Legacy RV Resorts, out of Houston, Texas, would hire such people? They are rude, crude, and in desperate need of sensitivity and management training. A little graciousness training wouldn?t hurt either, beings that all of you are paying their salary.

Karen Hill

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  1. ke4ruu says

    I\’ll give the campground owner the benefit of the doubt…

    I\’ve been on the waiting end of someone that was just going to \"be a minute\", many times. I\’ll bet you any amount of money your minute is most likely five or ten.
    I\’ll also bet you that there was a sign saying \"No parking\" or \"Don\’t block the drive\".

    Do you park in a loading zone and run right in real quick to drop off your video? I bet you do.

    It\’s OK the break the rules for a minute or two. Right?

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