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Cactus RV Park – Tucumcari, NM


We found this RV Park in the Passport America Directory. The description was very glamorous, I would not say that about the grounds. The space we were assigned had room enough to pull in, but no patio space. It appears to me the owners may be trying to bring this old Motel & RV Park back to life.

The Passport America rate listed in their directory was $11.75. It also advertised additional discounts for smaller RV?s or no slide outs. (We do not have slide outs) I was told that the normal price was higher and that I was paying the discounted price. The total price was $13.95, I was told that the additional charge of $2.20 was that they had a very high Tax Rate. I paid cash, (No Credit Cards accepted) and was not given or offered a receipt. I do not feel the advertisement in the Passport Directory was accurate.It appears the people operating this RV Park are new at this business or any business in America.

The fact that no receipt was offered, indicates that the taxes being collected are not correct. The amount I was charged would be a tax rate of approximately 18.7%.

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