Santa Rosa Campground – Santa Rosa, NM


My family and I just returned from an 8,000 mile road trip from Oregon to the East Coast and back. The whole trip went beautifully and we stayed mostly in KOAs. The only issue we had was at one of the non-KOA sites we stayed at in Santa Rosa, New Mexico.

We stayed at the Santa Rosa Campground right on the I40 in Santa Rosa. It was formerly a KOA about 7-8 years ago. As I said previously, we had not had any issues going out east or heading back to this point.

We stayed one night and on this evening, our 7 year old and 4 year old daughters and our 2 1/2 year old son went to the camp store as they had many times before. During their time at the store, our son took off his “clean” diaper (we are in the midst of potty-training him) and asked to go to the bathroom. Once my 7 year-old saw what was happening, she threw the diaper away and took our son to the girls room as this is what she knows. She did the right thing.

At this point, the owner, Bob yelled at my daughter, telling her to keep our son out of the girls bathroom, to go back to her trailer and not to ever come back without her parents. She came back in tears. I have never seen her so upset. That, and we had not violated and park rules (there was no provision about children being unaccompanied by an adult in the store) made my wife and I pretty upset.

Later that night, before embarking on a walk, my wife went into the store to talk to Bob, merely asking him what happened. He began yelling at her, and told her she didn’t have a leg to stand on. We almost left right then and moteled it for the night but stuck around and left ASAP the next morning.

I went to talk to Bob the following morning before we left and he was not working. This is when I found out he was the owner so I really didn’t have any recourse.

I do not recommend Santa Rosa campground if you have kids.


  1. There shouldn’t have to be a “rule” for unattended kids, especially that young. You should know better than that.
    And, “thank you” Bob for scolding the kids. Unfortunately that was something the parents should be doing.

    It’s too bad a few inconsiderate campers spoil it for the rest of us.

    Oh… and thanks “wsuplee” for the review. If I’m ever down that way I’ll make it a point to stay at Santa Rosa Campground with my (supervised) grandkids!


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