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Coushatta Campground – Sealy, TX

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Nice campground between Sealy and Bellville, Texas. Over 100 years as operating ranch in same family. Nice lake for swimming and fishing. Plenty of large trees. Clean showers.
Directions: I 10 exit 720. North on SR 36 5.4 miles. Right on 331 4.7 miles. Left on Coshatta Rd at blue camping sign. Go 1.8 miles on Coshatta Rd. Look for homemade camping sign, turn left, go 1 mile straight into campground at curve.


  1. Are you planning an event for New Year’s Eve this year?

  2. Big park – nice place to just hang out and enjoy nature. Plenty of antique cars, farm implements, buildings, etc. to check out. We certainly tire out the dogs walking them around the park!

  3. An elderly couple who have gone there for years and enjoy the quiet outdoors let me know “the only thing to see is watch the grass grow” and that struck me as the perfect place to be. Planning to drive out there and enjoy pitching up my tent, since I don’t have an Rv, so long as that’s allowed. If not allowed, well then I’ll come back with a pop-up camper I guess. May the “amenities seeking” groups stay clear of the rustic loving groups, Amen! Wow, no wi-fi? Just like parts of West Texas? Awesomeness …

  4. Swimming in a pond isn’t unheard of if you are really from the country, heck there are snakes in the Guadelupe and the Frio Rivers and they still get overflowed with tourists every summer. Even Lake Somerville has it’s fair share of snakes and besides, at Coushatta I would be more worried about getting snapped on the toe by all the turtles in the pond. As for things for kids to do, Howard is pretty good about putting on events at the park monthly, and as for a residance, since I do live there, the rural quiet nature is worth it. Camping is what you make of it.

  5. Swimming? Your kidding right? Its a pond and it has snakes in it. There is nothing for children to do. The only thing this park offers is the scenery. Even WiFi barely works and its extra.

  6. How do we get in contact with the Park? I can’t bring them up on the internet! Thanks!!!

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