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Oasis RV Resort – Amarillo, TX


The Oasis RV Resort is located on I-40, just on the West side of Amarillo, off Arnot Road. The resort is new. The sites are large, spacious, and well equipped. For an overnight stay the park would seem like a good choice. But for long stays, or if you want any amenities like a club house, or swimming pool, or hot tub, or internet that works, then you should choose elsewhere.

The most striking thing you see when you enter the gates is that no one is here. There are 188 sites, and currently 16 are filled. The other parks in Amarillo, I know because I just checked them, are filled almost to capacity.

We came here on September 1st, intending to stay until January 15th. We chose this park because of the large sites. Since we were going to stay for several months, we were directed to a quiet back in site. It was perfect for us.

The first thing I noticed was that large dogs; Airdales, Rottweilers; Sheppards, were running free. There was a large amount of dog droppings everywhere. The pool was cold. The reason, we were told, was the propane tank utilized to heat the pool was empty. The hot tub was likewise cold. Only after months here, did the manager offer to heat the hot tub, upon request. The club house is locked. If you can catch the manager you may get it opened, but it is locked.

To make it through the winter comfortably, we asked the manager about having a propane tank delivered. A large 150 gallon tank. Other long term residents had them. The manager directed us to a local propane supplier. We had a tank delivered, installed, and a week later, filled. (The propane tank cannot be delivered full, for safety reasons.) The propane supplier came to fill the park’s tanks, then filled our tank.

The next day the manager told us we had to relocate to another site. We were on the same electrical circuit as the Oasis RV sign, and they wanted to see how much electricity the sign was using. Also, they wanted all RV’s in one central area. Oh, except some 5 RV’s that have been here “long term,” they can stay where they are.

What? Now that is just plain faulty reasoning. We had winterized our coach, and had propane delivered, and they just suddenly came up with that decision? One day after they directed the propane company to fill our tank?

We have been cleaning up around this park. We have helped out when needed. We are not hard to get along with. We pick up after our dogs, and the owner’s dog. This was just a slap in the face. So we are moving to another Park. A park that had only one site open, and I was able to snatch it up.

I cannot recommend this park to anyone, as there is no way to know what kind of problems you will encounter.

  1. Deb Anderson says

    Beautiful park. Wide parking on concrete pads. Bathrooms clean and spacious , lots of hooks, great water pressure.
    Now for the complaints. Office opens at noon, closes at 7. No time to play a game of pool or book swapping. The limited dinner menu closes by 6pm!
    Which consist of pizza & hotwings. Our last time there, before the new owners took over, they had the best food. Homemade soups & desserts, and dinner specials. Getting off the road by 6pm, too late for the frozen pizza and hot wings. We really missed the food. Nice big kitchen sits there empty. More profit to be had there. Maybe he owner just doesn’t care , and just a write off..Nice lounge unabled to be enjoyed… Really miss the old owners.

  2. heidi says

    This so called resort advertised an exercise room. Well, all equipment was broken. In my opinion, the office staff is horrible especially the manager. No jacuzzi. It is not working and hasn’t since last year. The bathrooms are not well maintained. I recommend you do not stay here. I did 2 nights.. never again. They had a monthly drive his 18 wheeler semi truck up and done the site. We are now at another RV park and love it!

  3. R McIntire says

    Sorry to hear that this park has gone down hill. We stayed there in 09 and thought the park was very nice and the people running it very friendly. The women enjoyed shopping in their gift shop as all the items seemed to be on sale.

  4. Michele & Jim Drake says

    We stayed at Oasis for 6 days. The restaurant chef did an excellent job and all the staff were very friendly and went out of their way to assist in anyway possible. This is October so things are slower but the sites are wonderful and there is a lot to do outside the park. People should not whine about the little things, this park is new and close to the interstate which is wonderful. They have several laundry rooms available along with shower and restrooms. We camped here in a fifthwheel.

  5. Kenneth Wooster says

    We’ve stayed at this park several times. They ran a special this summer. 17.00 a day, with the 3rd day free. Biggest problem, you are pretty much out by yourself. I’ve lived on these praries all my life, and one thing I like about RVing is meeting people.

    I think they have changed hands, because the people were all different. They were OK but not as friendly as the original people.

    I was there for medical and didn’t know if we could get away on time or not. They said we will give you until 2:00 then you will pay for another night.

    Next trip to Amarillo we will stay in town, so we can have some neighbors.

  6. Walt Mills says

    I agree with Rick Lamb’s posting. My wife and I checked out this park and feel it operates on a shoestring. We ended up staying at the KOA and were pleased with the campground and the hosts.

    Walt and Millie Mills

  7. Tracy Eastland says

    This is without a doubt the cleanest and best organized campground we have ever stopped at. It is located far enough off the Interstate that it is fairly quiet.

    All sites are huge concrete pads with side concrete patios. The roads are paved and between the sites is gravel with desert grasses and bushes. The free Wi-Fi is excellent and there is free cable too. They also provide free laundry in three very clean restroom/shower/laundry pavilions.

    There is also a clubhouse with multiple televisions, a book exchange, shuffle-board, workout room and more laundry machines. There is an outdoor pool and two hot tubs (seasonal). The staff members are very nice and helpful.

    All types of shopping are only a 5-10 minute drive away. We stayed during the fall off-season when rates were $25/day for more than one day $150/week).I believe their one night rate is $33.There is propane on site. Also the gift shop is filled with some very unique Southwestern decor. We camped here in a motorhome.

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