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Tres Rios River Ranch – Glen Rose, TX

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I would rate this park a 5 out of 10. We stayed here on a monthly rate using 50 amp. Rate was $497/mo and it included unmetered electricity. This is a membership private park part of the Ocean Canyon Properties. They do have a public area that non members can use; however, reservations can not be made for theseā€”it’s first come. Check in time is typical. If you are not a member, you will not get to choose your site. You are provide an escort to the site.

The park is clean, well maintained. Sites are dirt/grass. Concrete or gravel would be much better for when it rains and the mud. Very scenic with the rivers running around it. Lots of trees but not all sites are shaded. They offer WIFI for a fee. For a month it was $40.

They have a swimming pool and tube rentals for the river. They offer cabins for rent but unsure if you can use them if not a member.

Park staff leaves much to be desired. I would have given this park a higher rating had their staff actually enforced their rules and respected their paying guests. On the evening of 10/10/09 the park rented out the Tres Rios Palace building in the park, which is by the public campsites, to a private party with a very loud DJ. The booming base of the music literally vibrated the camper. Sheriff on hand at the party measured the decibel level at 82 but couldn’t shut it down unless it was over 85. So management would have to do something, which they didn’t. Quiet time for the park is 10pm. Management allowed the party and vibrating base to continue until 1 am, expecting their paying RVers and members to tolerate such a nuisance until late in the night. Many of our neighbors were equally annoyed.

I wouldn’t suggest ever paying to become a member of Ocean Canyon Properties when you will be asked to tolerate such private events. And if you are not a member and thinking of staying nightly, I would avoid the park on Saturday nights when they seem to book private parties. We camped here in a Travel Trailer.


  1. I can say I have enjoyed the trips I have spent at Tres Rios and Texoma. Met really nice people at both. I would say if you can survive the sales department it gets better. The sales department will tell you anything to make a sale. I am not here to bash the program I signed the agreement and will honor my end of the agreement, but this is a one sided road. I explained in depth to the sales person, I am not going to give names because again I signed the agreement. Back to my store my wife and I explained in depth that we could not afford the full package due to my only son having stage 4 Ewing sarcoma that had spread to his bone morrow and 8 other spots. He was placed in remission so we purchased a travel trailer to spend time as a family. We explained that we would not comment to the program due to my son having a high risk of relapse. Well the pressure started after a tour of Tres Rios and 4 hours later we agreed to a bottom line five year package. The salesman explained if my son relapsed we could sale the membership or just walk away and we were told this was not a time share program. We signed the agreement and went on our way and enjoyed the weekend. The next day I went back and visited with our sales person, asking again if we could sale or walkaway. He said I understand and would walkaway also. I called customer service to see if there was anything I could do, I was told I signed the agreement and there was nothing in the contract stating what the sales person and I discussed. I paid part of the contract off early and have never missed a payment and don’t plan on it. I will stand behind what I agreed to just wish they would. The employees at the parks are great people so don’t hold them responsible for the actions of the sales department. If you plan on attending the sales promo I would listen well, ask lots of questions, get them to write it down and then read it again.

  2. As members of this park we love it. It is our home away from home. The park staff is expceptional and very attentive to our needs. It is a members only park that does allow some non-members when space allows. Don’t complain if you can’t book a reservation as a non-member. Membership does have privledges and they do reserve space for members at all times. As members you do get to choose your own spot. In fact, the staff knows my own favorite spots and tries to always park our RV there for us!

    Robyn, I was there on the weekend you mentioned the “loud DJ” and the park staff was very quick to point out that this would be going on during your stay. It is very rare this does happen but the staff was up front about it. These events keep costs down and helps make the camp ground better in the long run. In fact, there is an ampitheater on the premisis for these events and one of the selling points of the camp ground is the occasional concert. The event you mentioned lasted the entire weekend and as members they opened up the festivities to us and feed and entertained us all weekend. They provided bounce houses for kids and live entertainment for adults. I will make sure I am there next year when this private party happens again.

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