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Cypress Woods RV Resort – Fort Myers, FL


I would not recommend Cypress Woods RV Resort.

Security was non existent (there were 20 breakins during a ten day period June 2009) and we found that dog owners were out of control. People routinely brought their dogs out of their RV and rushed them to some non-suspecting neighbors site so they could ‘do their thing’. On more than one occassion we found dog owners with no intention of cleaning up after their pet. Dogs are left outside unattended for hours at a time. Park management seemed unable or unwilling to resolve the problem. Dog owners then resort to self help when Management reports neighbours have complained about dog issues.

The main pool and hot tub are routinely out of order. You have to deliver your garbage to the compactor which is routinely full, smelly and full of flies. It is right beside the Town Centre and the main pool area.

We met many disgruntled lot owners/renters.

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