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East Lake Fish Camp – Kissimmee, FL

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East Lake Fish Camp – Kissimmee, FL

They are trying to call themselves an RV resort. It was 90 outside and 15 minutes in the pool and you were shivering. I asked the management when they started heating the pool… pool is not heated.  It is close to Disney – 15 miles but it takes 45 minutes due to traffic.

They are off the beaten path and they have so much going for them with big beautiful sites under huge old growth oak trees, but the bugs are bad. Also be very careful if you stay there for a month. It’s $400 for the month – plus $52 in taxes for 2 people plus electric. Their electric is outrageous. My 36′ fifth wheel – had the refrigerator on gas for 2 weeks, electric for 2 weeks and air off and on only 1 week and tv off and on, water heater on gas – and the electric bill upon check out was $85 for one person, 30 days. The manager told me upon check out it was the taxes. My kids were there 2 days in October and their electric bill was $35.

I met some people who came in from Montana for a month but decided to only stay for a week.

They have a lot to learn if they are going to call themselves a resort.


  1. I was a snow bird until I decided to sell my house in up state New York now I live here, seen two park administration go, the last one was Mr. Barry and Mary Ann. They are gone, this new people are trying to do their best to keep things going best way they know how.

    Can’t make every body happy but that is the way it is. Utilities are some what OK, but that depends of what I consume. These people are trying their best. After all is business.

  2. I am a snowbird and cannot wait to go back to East Lake. This is my 4th year at East Lake. Barry and Maryann cannot do enough to help you. Great music something going on almost every weekend. Resturant is great and place is very clean. Like a family away from home. Great neighbors always willing to help and very freindly. East Lake ROCKS

  3. Amy,
    You should not condemn our camp because we would not hire your son in law so he could stay for free. We do not over charge for electricity as that would be against the law. We charge the current local killowatt and tax rates. We have never advertised as having a heated pool. We can not control the traffic or the time it takes to get to Disney. This is Florida and thire are bugs when camping outside, “DAH” We would like to thank all of our supporters and all those who continue to visit for the Winter season some of which have been coming for 15 + years. We are East Lake Fish Camp. WE ARE “Old Florida Under the Oaks”.
    Barry Barrows
    General Manager

    • One month electic bill $185.00 really do not spent that for my house in Rhode Island for 2 months! I argued with the manager Barry. Any ideas or complaints they do not listen only what they want you to hear. Kids running around and being left in the back room. What happen to baby sitters?

  4. We are from Massachusetts and we love this place. I can’t wait to be a snowbird. That’s where we will be staying next year! The workers are so nice there clean place. It is only 15 minutes from Disney. The traffic is not bad at all if you go on the right roads.

  5. I have visited East Lake Fish Camp for 20 years, here in 2010. I love the place and the people who works there. Everybody is trying hard to make it work for you! And I come all the way from Denmark, Scandinavia.

  6. This is a perfect place to visit. They have all you need about vacation. sun, beach and great food..whats better than this? Added with fishing activity will make it perfect.

  7. Amy, we stayed here this past August and loved it. By the way, nowhere on their website do they call themselves an “RV Resort”. It’s just a fish camp with some rv hookups.

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