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Grand Lake Golf and RV Resort – Citra, FL

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Grand Lake Golf and RV Resort – Citra, FL

Grand Lake Golf and RV Resort is in a beautiful secluded location… but it’s a very cold winter location. We stayed November thru March 2014. Lots of unrest amongst the RVers. The park model owners seemed unwelcoming to the RV dwellers. There seemed to be a big lack of communication regarding park activities making involvement difficult. There were problems with the restaurant and Pro Shop Manager. Sun communities will not respond to communication from guests.

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  1. Sounds like nothing has changed. We stayed there from May 2010 to May 2011. From my experience any park that has full time residents whether it be rv’s or park models has problems. Cliques develop and busy bodies pry into everyones business. I thought most moved to Williston Crossings but sounds like some must have stayed behind.

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