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Williston Crossings RV Resort – Williston, FL

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We were among the first arrivals at Williston Crossings RV Resort in October 2005 and plan to be here for all future stays in Florida.

We found the owners, Bill & Denise Martin, to be very very friendly and outgoing. They told us all about the park in its current state and of their plans on through to its completion.

All the sites in the park are concrete and very spacious and well lighted. All the streets through the park are blacktop. The landscaping is like no other. Trees and bushes are everywhere and are meticulously maintained.The washers and dryers in the laundry are the largest available and are stainless steel. There is a corian counter top on which to fold clothes. There is also a television and magazines to pass the time while clothes are washing.

The bathrooms are very spacious with luxurious large sinks and mirrors. The showers are large and tiled throughout.There is a continuous supply of hot water. There is music in the bathrooms at all times.

There is a very large fire pit ringed with rocking chairs. During the Winter months these are utilized on weekends. This is a place where friends meet for an enjoyable time.

There are two trolley cars which are often used to transport guests around the park and tell them of the current developments and future plans of the park. There is a large, beautiful, antique looking covered bridge. The recreation building is very spacious with a large fireplace and many other amenities. This is very near completion at this time.

The park owners and employees are always ready to assist when help is needed with guests problems such as needing propane, electrical/phone, water leaks, sewage problems, etc..

Kenneth & Mary Haskell
(772) 349-5532

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