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Yellow Jacket RV Resort – Old Town, FL

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I feel that this is campground is not kid friendly. They would like a retirement quiet to the park.

When we pulled into the campground we were excited. They had pretty grounds and views of the river. The cabins looked nice but always felt damp. The beds were hard and the fans squeaked if you used them. So we had to turn them off. Most cabins are connected to one another and you can hear every movement your neighbor makes.

We went here because of the heated pool but it was still very cold and the Jacuzzi was a green color. The river and docks were very well maintained and the grounds were as well. Friends stayed in their camper and they said it was a nice site for their RV with the sewer and electric hook ups.

I do not recommend going there though if you have children under the age of 15. The staff and owners responded to every sound and movement the kids made. They weren’t allowed to have fun in the pool or playing on the grounds. We got disciplined if we had the doors open for the breeze, if they ran down the road playing, if they walked through an empty camp site, etc.

Do not take your dogs unless you will be with them 24/7 and they are quiet as well. You must also buy their fire wood so do not bring any or they will back you get it off the grounds ASAP. Don’t move their picnic tables either or you will be fined.

This is a private campground and they enforce every rule and there are a lot. To bad to because it was a beautiful place.


  1. We stayed here over Labor day and rented two cabins. One had a broken AC and they were both filthy and smelled like wet dog. Management refused to refund any of our money. My wife had to clean it before we would touch anything. Thank god we brought our own blankets (even though we were accused of taking one of theirs). They charged us a cleaning fee for each cabin totaling $300 after we spent $600 to stay in there. I would rather spend a night in jail than stay here again!

  2. This park may look good but the owners run it like a constration camp. After we had payed we were told the lift station was down and we would not use the sewer. I told all my members to dump Sunday morning fixed or not. It was fixed.

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