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Atlanta South RV Resort – McDonough, GA


Camper’s beware. This campground may look great on the website, which is the way I found it, but it is far from what it appears.

I should have known something was wrong from the moment I signed in Sunday June 8th, when Georgia Power was working on the power “problems”. After finding a site that was not very level, we had to reset the breaker maybe 10 times the first night; we had to turn everything off with the exception of the AC (99deg) in order to keep from tripping the breaker which later had to be replaced along with the plug recepticle (popped and started to smoke). The maintenance folks stated numerous times the camp has electrical problems.

Besides the noise from I-75 this place is loud with lots of vehicle traffic moving in and out at all different times of the day and night. The roads are very narrow. Manuvering in and around the campground does require some special skill in order not to hit other campers.

The website advertises that they have WiFi… NOT. It was hit and miss for the entire stay if the WiFi worked and when it did you could get it to load it would only stay up for 2 or 3 minutes then it would crash.

Fishing again advertised is even risky, the pond is about dried up and is very smelly and brownish colored water with floaties that I was not sure of what it was and by no means would I consume anything from it if I did catch something.

We stayed on the east side of the camp and the smell from the “poop” station (located in the southwest corner) was very strong when the wind was blowing. The shower house was clean and well maintained (best thing about this place).

As for the staff initially we thought they were very respectful and friendly but after we made complaints about the power problems they became less than accommodating. We cut our stay from 5 days to 3. We will not ever stay here again.

  1. Pamela Hillenbrand says

    We were very disappointed with our stay here. This was our third stopover, and it will be our last. We could not, in good conscience, ever recommend this park to someone. It is overcrowded. Few roads are paved, many of the gravel roads are crumbling. Our site was narrow with no shade, no grass and no picnic table, It was depressing. The lovely office building belies the state of disrepair of the rest of the park.

  2. Pam says

    This place was great staff etc. but in my opinion, the man that runs this place is the most nastiest man alive. He talk to me and my husband like we were trash. He is from some foreign country and he treats Americans awful. I cannot believe they let si like him manage this place. I heard him telling and screaming at his staff. He does not know how to talk to people

  3. Susan says

    My husband and I stayed at this “resort” in March 2015 and was appalled…what a dump! Obviously Good Sam’s Club never actually visited this place before rating it! Sites are advertised as pull through… however, the place is so cramped and the road so narrow pulling through to leave is nearly impossible. Thank goodness there wasn’t anyone across from us or we would never have been able to make the swing. Backing up was also impossible as there were cars parked all along the road. There were dog droppings everywhere but in the designated “dog park”, which was a joke. Noisy, with loud trucks coming and going all hours of the night. I wouldn’t set foot in the showers or bathrooms. Unfortunately, the nicest thing about this place was the office at the entrance. Check out Stone Mountain camping instead, that park looked wonderful.

  4. Bob says

    This is not a bad place to spend a few days in Atlanta. This area has very few RV Parks. Very nice pool and laundromat area. The staff are very attentive to your needs. Many RVs have been here a long time. One lady I talk too has been here three years. Needs a lot of upgrades to be called a Resort.

  5. Linde says

    Sites are narrow and not level. The bathroom was falling apart. The Wifi horrible. There is no cable tv. The “resort” in their name is a joke. This is not a destination park.

  6. Fred says

    We had planned to stay here four nights but left after two. Bath house is disgusting, feral cats running loose. Even though Good Sam says no campers longer than two weeks here, there are obviously many “squatters” here with trashy campsites. Unless you have a satellite dish, you can forget TV. Some campers leave dogs tied up outside and rules are not enforced as far as picking up after pets. There is poop everywhere. The entrance is nice and this could be a lovely campground with proper management. The only positive thing is that it is convenient to many restaurants and shopping.

    1. George soehl says

      I found the staff to be freindy and help full sites wide and long they are improving it constantly there are a lot of full time RVS. Sites are clean. I enjoyed my stay.

  7. jamie hines says

    We stayed at this so called resort. The staff was friendly but there are India owned and they don’t speak any English. As far as cleanliness, bathrooms are very dirty the pool is infested with ants and the pool itself is not kepted up. The lots are very small and close together and there are many residents that are often drunk and very obnoxious with filthy mouths. If you have children I would not recommend this place.

  8. John Baggett says

    We’ve been here for a little over a year and plan to be here till my wife retires in the next few years. We have had nothing but a positive experience at this park. Both the Staff and the other campers are outgoing and friendly, it’s almost like a family atmosphere.

    The staff keeps the grounds clean, leaves are raked,grass is cut and overall the park is well manicured. The maintenance staff is second to none! You can expect prompt and friendly service from them. They have gone out of their way to make us feel welcome here. I know that some have had problems in the past, but these problems have been “fixed”.

    I would not hesitate recommending Atlanta South RV Resort to anyone with or without children. Our grand daughter visits us every other weekend and absolutely loves this RV park. There are other children for her to play with and she has a great time. I hope in spite of some of the bad reviews this park has had in the past, you give it another try. You will be impressed!

    1. laura orem says

      This is the second worst campsite I’ve stayed at. The grass needed to be cut. The power went out. Thank goodness my dogs didn’t fry when we went out for a few hours. It’s too far from Atlanta to see attractions, but you have no choice since there are not many around.

  9. Shelley says

    We stayed here Sept 1-6,2011 for the Nascar weekend race. Front desk personel were very helpful and friendly. We had trouble with our DirectTV and they gave us the name of a park resident who works for Direct and on his own time came over and helped us, even loaning us a dish. Sites are very small and close together. No shade. Bathhouse clean and climate controlled. Easy off/on I-75 for overnight stay. We would go there again only for race events not for a camping vacation.

  10. Jim Omodio says

    We stayed here for 4 days and had no issues. We had site M52 which was level and clean. The park is very quiet and although they have some perminent residents, they were all very nice and clean. We would definitely stay there again. The pool was very clean and the area was very clean. I’m not sure what people expect at a RV resort but this park was very friendly and we did not feel unsafe at any time day or night.

  11. kim maddox says

    When I stayed there in July of 2010 it was awful. Drunks staying up all night drinking, Harleys running up and down the roads. I saw the police several times going to this corner trailer on top of the hill. They arrested some lady from inside the trailer then I witnessed a shooting. Please take my advice and stay away. If you have children stay away for sure.

  12. Ani says

    The review above is somewhat right but most is wrong. Park people can’t do anything about the Georgia Power issue. I travel lots in South GA and I noticed same problem with many parks. This is a big park with all sizes of sites. It’s a nice park with a clean bathhouse. It’s next to I-75 as well as not far from Atlanta and that’s why many business people stay at this park. The park is very convenient for shopping, restaurants, entertainment, golfing, Atlanta downtown and many more. Very friendly staff and they are ready to help you even after office hours. Nice clean outdoor pool. Sites are not paved but not bad at all with gravel. I stayed at this park for my business trip as well as with my family (with grand kids) for camping. Love this park and staff.

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