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Cassville-White KOA – Cartersville, GA


Wow!  Just spent a week at the local KOA and I thought I’d share the experience.

My wife and I live in Dallas, Georgia and we had our choice of places like Carters Lake, Lake Alatoona and a variety of state parks and private campgrounds but because of some great experiences at places like KOA Renfro Valley and Calhoun Georgia we thought we’d give our closest KOA a try at Cassville-White in Cartersville, GA.

We paid for their premium site since we do like our comforts like full hookups and local cable. The weather was nice and we headed out. Upon arrival the first thing we expected to see is the usual welcome sign making us feel like we are valued customers, something like “Welcome to KOA” Our sign was “Stop registered guests only, trespassers will be prosecuted” Prosecuted, oh my! So we headed directly to the office before someone thought we were there to take a dip in the closed pool.

The time was roughly 12:10 (12:00 being check in time). Looks like everyone on duty takes lunch together and they close until 1pm. Hey look, they have our name on a piece of paper directing us to our spot. We walked to our home away from home (before driving to it) and find it is still currently occupied and that it would remain that way for about another 45 minutes.

Earlier when we called I reminded the staff of our extended stay in hopes that our site might be one of those away from the transient one day people who are simply looking for a place to stop before finishing their journeys but no, we were placed right in the middle of them so we got to listen to new people arrive and depart daily while we were sitting in our lawn chairs under our awning that pretty much took up the rest of the postage stamp sized site we were given. But, it was vacation; we didn’t have to be at work so we made the best of it.

So at 1pm the folks were back on duty so I went to check in. While she was checking us in I noticed the “bundle of wood” sign and decided it might be nice to have a fire during a couple of the chilly evenings and was told she could sell me the wood but I could not burn it. Interestingly the sites don’t come with a fire ring because someone in the past decided to build a fire big enough to burn down their awning so everyone gets penalized. Great news though, she would be happy to sell me a miniature grill that you can get for $1.99 at the grocery store for the low price of $9.00 your logs won’t fit in it though. Needless to say, I passed on the bundle of wood.

I did get to hear about how stupid campers are though and specifically about a guy who took a wrong turn got stuck and had to be hauled out by a wrecker. I also learned that this facility has a one car rule for their sites, more on that later.

So the first night we are readying ourselves for sleep and boom, lights shining into the windows and through the blinds. Were aliens landing and abduction inevitable? No, come to find out the security lights (which I think are on loan from the sun) are situated in such a way that it creates daylight after twilight, all night long. We did however survive without retinal burns. Now we didn’t really expect many activities or fellowship this time of year and to no surprise, we weren’t disappointed. Unless you wanted to go to the check in counter and discuss the integral functions of restroom cleaning, there was nothing. No pond, trails, interesting floral arrangements, not even a stray cat or squirrel.

Well here we are at the end, well the day before the end and we make the biggest mistake of all. My wife brings her vehicle to our site so we can pack a few things early since we are leaving in the morning. Mind you, my truck is there, our travel trailer and now her van. We don’t have a very long unit so both of our vehicles fit nicely and don’t obstruct any traffic lanes. About 20 minutes into packing food, clothes and other items after a week of stay we hear a pounding on the door. Low and behold a white haired, white bearded is at the door. When we asked what the visit was about he said he was there to remind us of the one vehicle rule we were so blatantly violating. So we explained that we were packing up some things for our departure in the morning. Now at that point a person with some customer service skills would have said “no problem sir, please be sure to park back by the office when you’re done, I hope you had a great week with us” But no, he began to repeat, one vehicle per site.

Well we are home now and have made the decision that unless every single campground on the face of the earth is occupied, we will never go back to Cassville-White KOA.

  1. Carolyn says

    Worst KOA ever. Front dest woman Rude and dishonest. Ran my cc without my authorization. Many sites with no sewer hilly not level.

  2. Melissa Stephens says

    Well seeing how the review is old and I have just left there I will update those who are considering this campground. First. Don’t. Go somewhere else. Apparently the old manager has rubbed off on the “new” or maybe they are the same people. Ann is so beyond rude and she won’t hesitate to call the cops if she feels like it.

    They are not friendly, the restrictions in the campground are SO strict that you might as well just stay home.

    1. Lynn says

      We also had the cops called on us! And this was June 1, 2016.

  3. Harry says

    If this is new management it’s just as horrible of not worse. I recommend anywhere else. Rude, obnoxious and jerks.

    1. Lynn says

      We were kicked out and had the cops called. We had my five year old granddaughter with us, she still tells there story of how they called the cops on my grandmother!
      At the rock in rockmart now and it’s beautiful!

  4. Jan hyde says

    Cartersville Georgia KOA has been redeemed…
    We too had “run ins” with the previous managers of the campground. At our last visit, my usually quiet and congenial husband said “That’s it, we are not going back there!”
    As I was online searching for a new KOA to visit on our way to Florida, I noticed Cartersville had new management. Jackpot! We are actually here right now and the new managers are wonderful and very helpful.
    We will definitely return again, they are awesome!

  5. jenbooks says

    I agree. I never met a more rude, angry KOA host than the husband of the team that owns this.

    1. Lynn says

      They still own it! 2017 stay clear!

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