Enota Mountain Retreat – Hiawassee, GA


We live in a world where it is rare to see a place that embodies peace and selfless intention. Enota is one of those places.

It was apparent from my first visit that the purpose of Enota was to offer a safe and friendly place for people to experience nature, to help preserve that nature and to teach by example that we can live in harmony with the earth. Unfortunately we are not overrun with places like Enota. In the many years that I have been camping, I’ve not found any place in the country that comes even close.

Enota is a place of hope, peace and harmony.


  1. This is our second visit to Enota. Last year we planned on staying a week and stayed a month. This year we are here for 6 weeks. It’s very quiet here, surrounded by National Forests and mountains. There are streams and waterfalls running past campsites.
    This is a not for profit park with no sales tax. They have a playground for kids and an organic farm with seasonal vegetables for sales and numerous farm animals for kids to visit and pet.

  2. We also loved Enota. Had a great time there, the staff is great, the grounds are gorgeous, and we are definitely returning.

  3. I strongly agree with Cynthia about this place. Camping is all about finding peace with nature. This is really a beautiful place. After camping here for a few days, I feel totally refreshed and reborn. I love it here.

  4. Just wonderful, the staff was friendly and the whole experience was great. We camped there in November and had Thanksgiving dinner with the staff and guests in the lodge, it was a memorable experience that we will not soon forget. It is also in one of the most breathtaking areas of the north Georgia mountains.


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