Walnut Meadows RV Park – Berea, KY


Compared to what is on their web site there is a big difference. Walnut Meadows RV Park is OK for an overnight stay but the pool looks like it has been empty for a long, long time.

The gravel roads and sites are OK… at least they are pretty level in a big rig. Apparently Passprot America gives discounts here and there were several other motorhomes here for the night. I think that maybe they are not keeping up with the appearance as the buildings look in poor shape. I did peek in the women’s bathroom and have to say it appeared to be pretty clean.

I guess I was expecting more from what I saw on their web site. Unfortunately that seems to be the way with many of the campground web sites and then you get there and often do not get what you expected.


  1. The campground is a little rough, but passable. However, the bathrooms and showers were the dirtiest I’ve ever seen, and most of the buildings on the property looked rundown. Someone is not taking very good care of what could be a nice little park. Berea is a great town to visit, but both parks there leave much to be desired.


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